9 thoughts on “Couples Spanked Together”

  1. I've been involved in scenarios like that several times with my partner. A truly unique experience. There's a certain rush you get from not only your spanking but from watching and hearing your partner's reactions. We've both been spanked by another individual as well as another couple and always in a position where we are able to view each other's bare bottoms being attended to. One of the best paddling I ever experienced was when my partner and I were both bent over opposite ends of a table, holding onto each other's hands while our spanker laid the wood to our bare bottoms. The sex afterwards was incredible.
    I strongly suggest to all that if possible you must try this at least once in your spanking lifetime.

    1. I love that my wife gives me discipline spankings regularly and punishes when needed been doing it 8 years now no complaints here .

  2. Good for you. While we have been in the same room spanked by another couple, it never occurred to us to do as you did to hold hands or watch the other being spanked. We were trying to find our own space. We missed out.

  3. I can relate to this article When I was 17 I went out with a girl who was 16 Sue lived with her parents and brother We got on well and did the usual things teenagers do Her Mum seemed really nice as did her Father We all got on well One evening we missed the bus home from Town and so we arrived 20 mins after the time Sue should have been home We kissed on the doorstep before she went into the house and I went home The following day at school she quiet and subdued I asked her how she was and she just told me that her mum had spanked her with a wooden clothes brush because she was late home She showed me during lunch break her well marked bottom and the backs of her thighs A couple of weeks later I was there for Sunday lunch and the late night home was mentioned by Sue’s Father reminding us both that 9pm meant exactly that on schooldays A few days later we missed the bus again and tried to run home but Sue was still 10 mins late I offered to apologise to her parents but she refused As I was going down the garden path the front door opened and her father was there clearly angry He asked both of us to join him in the dining room Sue’s mum was sitting on a dining chair with the clothes brush on the table We both got told off for being late and and her father said that we both deserved to be soundly punished He then produced a strap and told me to go with him to a spare bedroom By the time we got to the top of the stairs I could hear Sue getting a serious spanking She was crying and begging her mum to stop but it just carried on I had to drop trousers and pants and bend over the end of the bed for a strapping that soon had me crying loudly (the strap marks lasted nearly a week) When finished I had to stand hands on head back in the dining room with Sue at the other end also hands on head After about 20 minutes we had to apologise to her parents get dressed and Sue was sent to bed and me sent home

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