How about this? Those that have not commented in the last year get 12 bottom scorchers?

I don’t see any reason to suspend the display of delectable bottoms just because it’s LOL Day. 

How about Girls Just Just Wanna Have Fun Day?

Was this a good post? 
Well, was it?

19 thoughts on “LOL”

  1. Happy LOL-Day, Bogey and Bacall! I am still a regular reader of your blog but don't manage to post any comments these days. Always enjoy reading about your kinky exploits, though! In this post I especially like picture number 2. She really seems to enjoy the naughtiness and it all seems to be in good fun.

  2. Ronnie would post something clever back to everyone. We have never been accused of being clever. So let us just thank all who stopped by today. We made a new friend and discovered two blogs not known to us.

  3. The blogs I visit regularly are:

    Consensual Spanking
    Chross Blog (mainly for the links to the below as it's easy.
    Erica Scott
    Hermoine's Heart
    Heart and Soul
    Our Bottoms Burn

    Red and Bogey's blog always provide a wide variety of topics. I love Hermoine's spanko brunches. Ronnie is a master spanking story writer, very witty and oh, so hot. Erica has a wonderful wit and, being an editor I admire her spelling and grammar. Not to mention her open and honest posts.

    You all make my day.

    Happy Spankings and a joyful LoL day.


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