Girdle Paddling

I came across several pirated spanking vids on Youtube recently. [They are deleted now] One was an old Ed Lee vid that had two “school girls” spanking a woman under Ed’s direction. What was special about it for me was the woman was wearing a panty girdle. Just a plain white one. I have a fetish for that particular type of girdle. I dated and spanked a few gals that wore them. Bacall had one when we first met. She was 102 pounds dripping wet, so she did not need it, but wore she a girdle when she dressed up as it was considered proper. I paddled her in her girdle a lot. I even put it on and she paddled me. Odd how a piece of material can have such a strong attraction.

I am going to paddle Bacall in a girdle, soon. Probably before you read this.

No more than a few minutes after I started this post, I had Bacall don the girdle pictured above and gave her a preview paddling.

The next day, we did it for real. She got in her licks on me too. 

I put the watermarks on the pictures to discourage them from being posted all over the web.

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