Paddling On The Road And At Home

The first few months we are on the road the number of paddling’s go up as we relish a fresh environment. Some happen outside, but most are in the RV. Bacall kneels on the couch and looks out the window while I put the paddle to her. When it’s my turn, I normally put my elbows on the couch and close my eyes. 

Towards the end of a trip, we are both ready for a change of scenery for our paddling’s. The day after we got home, she requested and I gave her the full bondage treatment,  something that is not practical in the RV. Ankle and wrist cuffs, her arms hooked at eye level, a spreader bar between her legs and a blindfold. I told her she was going to get a long and hard paddling so she could just suck it up and take it. This helps get her into a submissive mood. Towards the end of the paddling, I started teasing her with my fingers and she responded by naughtily rubbing herself against my fingers. I went back to paddling her. Then a little more teasing. And so on.

After an interlude, I was bent over the bed and she paddled me hard. No, I was already hard, she used the paddle on me hard. 

It’s good to be home.

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