Eating Pussy – Reprise

Here at OBB, we don’t find any need to consider FLR or women being superior. We muddle through, trying to be good for and to each other.

Some blogs by males advocate that women should be in charge. They feel male submissive’s should get punished and worship women by eating pussy. They see themselves as being subservient if they have their heads between her legs. That’s strange logic over here in this world.

I have no quarrel with oral sex. I just don’t see it as a submissive act.

Maybe the guys that do saw too many Virginia Slims ads?

Some men want to forego male orgasm all together and only pleasure the woman. I would not care to be with a woman who did not enjoy intercourse. Maybe these guys are married to such a woman? Or maybe these guys are so bad at intercourse, the woman is only to happy to give it up? Or maybe the women is getting all she needs from other men?

I have read blogs by men who say that they are allowed one orgasm a year when the wife dons rubber gloves and jerks them off roughly. Is that submission? [Rubber gloves are a fetish. Did you know that wet blue jeans are hot for some folks? There seems to be no limit to sexual paraphilia]

Some men want to do some really strange stuff with their dicks. I recall picking up a book at a party that enumerated such. There were several pages of things like piercings, but the one that stuck in my mind was sewing the scrotum to the legs. I can not fathom how anyone could conceive of such a thing much-less doing it. That’s true stoicism.

Sandra LaMorgese, a Dominatrix, says in her new book, Switch, Time For A Change, that she never dreamed she would kick a man straight in the balls wearing six-inch heels, blood-red lipstick, black eye shadow, and false eyelashes. Well all that’s fine, but it’s far removed from spanking.

I don’t buy that women should be in charge. OTOH, I am not opposed to women being in charge. I don’t see a matriarchal society as being a guaranteed improvement. Men sure have not done a good job, no doubt about that. But thinking that across the board women would do better than men is wistful thinking. 

BTW, the best boss I ever had was a female.

Dreams Can Make Your Bottom Sting

I had the same dream two nights in a row. It involved our ever stingy black paddle. I was on my knees on the couch with my head on the cushion. A vulnerable position that has your bottom well presented for the paddle. In the dream, Bacall only gave me a few licks and they were enough. 

So you already have guessed that I told Bacall about my dream. And you also know that she made the dream into reality. I thought six licks would be enough. Bacall thought eight was a better number. I was on fire by six. Maybe I was having a sensitive day. Perhaps the position made it worse. The more likely reason is that she was in Aunty Bacall mode and was laying them on hard. According to Bacall, this was an easy position for her to paddle me, just the right height so everything worked just the way it should.

I started to get up after number eight, but she pushed down on my back and said “Stay down, you are getting two more”. I do like it when she pushes me some, so I sucked it up and took the last two and she did not spare me one bit.

The paddling cleansed my mind of thinking about getting paddled. The sex cleared all tension. 

I was still feeling the effects several hours later. Dreams sure can put a sting in your bottom.  

Bacall says it is wonderful when you can make someone’s dreams come true.

Bacall Paddled In The Maze

The Maze is a very remote section of Canyonlands NP in Utah. We spent two nights there tent camping surrounded by the most amazing rock formations. On a hike, I took along the Bogey paddle and soon enough found a suitable rock for Bacall to bend over. 

When I was finished paddling her, she wanted equal time to paddle me. I told her she had to find her own rock. She did and we both enjoyed the rest of our hike with a glow in our backsides.

As always, consensual, no punishment, no lessons to learn, no scolding, no anger, etc. Just fun.