Assume The Position

Images such as these ever so popular assume the position pictures stir spanko’s minds, both male and female. It’s an image that still sticks in my mind from school days! I have to admit it would have been more fun to watch those tight skinny jeans getting well heated than feeling that heat myself! With office personnel and often other students just on the other side of the door, there was much self imposed pressure when getting swats at school to take it quietly and get it over as fast as possible. And it was very hard to stay in this position to be paddled! You somehow managed to do so as you sure didn’t want to risk extra swats.

These two images really show how something realistic can stir our emotions. Instead of the more common naked pupil/teacher spankings, which never happened.

I wonder how many of us would “go back to school” for a paddling now. If only you would know about it and the paddler would look and act just like your dream paddler. You would just go into this spankverse, get your paddling just like you want it and exit back to the world and no one else would know.  

It was quite a view in the hallway hands on ankles, sticking it out to get the dreaded paddle! Yes, I remember it well as I tried to hold it in so they didn’t think it hurt! Yeah right, like that worked. The paddle always won!

When they sent someone out of class for the hallway talk it was scary; but yet exciting in a way as long as it wasn’t you. It was such a distinct sound echoing down those long hallways as the paddle landed! If you were sitting in class you knew someone was getting it in the hall way! We had one teacher who would open the door to the classroom if she heard it, so that we could all hear it that much more clearly, just to make an impression. It worked.

2 thoughts on “Assume The Position”

  1. The spankings in our school were not administered in the hallway. You were slippered over in the classroom and in the gym or changing room and you were caned in the Headmaster's office or Deputy Head's office. For a caning you had to sign a register in the School Secretary's office, where 3 women worked, so I am sure there was a lot of smirking there.

  2. Hi
    Growing up paddlings were done in the classroom or principals office. More serious spankings over the underpants or panties took place in a hallway connecting the school and the convent. These were OTK with a small hard paddle or brush! Many times you could hear these particular OTK soankingsspankings through part of the school. The paddle was done right in front of the class.
    High school paddling was done in the office.
    Great memories

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