Bacall Gets What She Wants

One place in our travels that stands out for me is a quiet campground in a mountain setting.  The first time we were here, I got a spanking while I was facing a grove of myrtlewood trees. That paddling and the setting was such a turn-on, that every time we return to the Oregon coast, I want to relive the experience.

So once again here we are on the coast.  There are numerous sights to explore and it is a feast for the eyes.  We have parked at a delightful place along the river, we go out daily to explore and then return home with fresh fish.

I knew the day that we were headed to my favorite place, so my anticipation increased daily with me getting all tingly.  Finally the day arrived, but in the mere seven miles inland from where we were it was 15 degrees warmer.  Bogey was less then thrilled with the heat and talking about leaving.  My disappointment was becoming acute.  I pointed out a campsite that had a big shade tree. We pulled into it and it was pleasant enough.  Now that I knew that we were staying, the anticipation of the paddling the next morning got me very excited.  We sat outside in a pleasant breeze having hors d’oeuvres and wine.  As the sun set, the temperature dropped. So, here we are in a very quiet place with beautiful mountain scenery having wine, reading and my mind is focused on the morning’s activity.

I slept well, we had breakfast and I got myself prepared for the paddling to come.  Let me tell you, I was hot and bothered!  When I get into that state of mind I become “Miss Tough Fanny”.  It was Bogey’s pleasure to give me the hard spanking that he wanted to give me.  And like a good girl, not only did I take it, but I enjoyed it immensely.  My bottom was as hot as the rest of me and once again, my dream had be brought to fulfillment.  I am one lucky girl.

PS, we took pictures, but they just were not up to standards.

3 thoughts on “Bacall Gets What She Wants”

  1. Indeed, you are a lucky lady. Sounds like my kind of spanking. Hope you have many more.

    Happy Spankings


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