Asking For It

Still on the road. Enjoying the flora of the Oregon coast and the delightful coolness.

The TV show Dragnet had a running line when Jack Webb as Sgt. Friday questioned a talkative witness to a crime, “Just the facts, Ma’am”. That’s the way we write about our spanking episodes. Just the facts. We wish we could make it exciting to read. I can say that for some reason the frequency of spankings is trending up. Maybe it’s the lunar cycle or something. 

The other day Bacall was in the mood for a paddling. She told me the paddles to use and how many with each one. Being the good submissive I am, I obliged her. I was aroused before the first lick. That was no big surprise. When I completed my assigned task, I was rock hard and since she was kneeling on the couch I had her right there bent over. I could say I pulled her hair, but she would not like that. I could say I screamed her sister’s name, that is supposed to give a wild ride, but she does not have a sister. I could have cut her panties off, but I have never carried a knife. Still, it was good sex.

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  1. Sergeant Friday: “That's when I go to work. I carry a badge. Oh, wait, I mean… I carry a paddle.” Oh well, sounds good in the imagination.

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