Bacall’s Birthday Spanking Month

I gave her the second installment of her birthday paddling today. This time outside.

We got to talking about her birthday spanking’s in years past. Back when we went to parties. Now understand, we knew the people at these parties, some for years. So it was not like she was being paddled by “strange men”. Birthday’s were no secret, they were announced every month. One year, the host had the hotel put on their outdoor sign. “Happy 50th Birthday Bacall”. She got lots of presents and of course, lots of spankings.

Two guys that she really liked to play with sat facing each other in chairs and she went over both of their laps. I did not see it, but she told me they each counted, One, One, Two, Two… And that was only one of her spankings that weekend. She was like all the other women, several spankings a day were normal. She might be a little sore before the party was over, she she was also smiling.

2 thoughts on “Bacall’s Birthday Spanking Month”

  1. Happy 50th birthday Bacall. It is quite the milestone, especially when applied with the extra “feeling”. May you have many more.

    Best regards, Jack P.

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