Just Messing About

I woke up this morning dreaming about wearing a white panty girdle. These things happen to me. After we had our baths, I checked my lingerie bag to see if I had one with me. No joy. Neither did Bacall. She got out all her panties and I choose a red pair. I cooked breakfast in them and then asked for some pops with the Principal’s paddle over the panties. She gave me 8 which were well received. 

Since we are in a private area, I decided to have my second cup of coffee outside wearing the red panties. I took the paddle with me. After coffee I asked for some more pops and pulled the panties down. Wow, roast bottom, I felt those a lot more without the protection. I went for a third set, but by that time the endorphins were in full bloom and I did not feel a thing.

Cat Suits

There seems to be a universal outfit, no a uniform, for dominatrixes. A cat suit with boots and a whip.
It’s  not turn on for me, but it must be desired by a lot of men. We all like spanking, but we sure are a diverse group.

Caps are optional 

 Perhaps shorts are a summer wear option

Dildo’s are another option

Saturday Sexted

I’m definitely getting old.  No!  On second thought, I AM old.
You know how teenage girls like to flirt and tease old men?  Well . . . 
A young neighbor gal recently sexted me this picture and asked :
“Well old man, what do you think?

 I texted her back…
“You need to clean up your room.”

OK, that was a joke. But, it’s real close to home. I have posted here before how I don’t post pictures with messy backgrounds. Yep, getting old.

Maybe We Are Jaded?

It seems that spanking blogs we like are in decline. There remains only one that we faithfully follow that is regularly published – Ronnie’s. We like her blog because she writes about the spankings she solicits and gets in a way that pleases us. We wish we could write in her style. 

While there are new spanking blogs every day, most publish recycled web pictures that we all of us have seen before. Yet some of those blogs are quite popular. 

We are not excepting OBB, we post recycled pictures far more often than we would like. We just do not always have something personal or unique to write about. It would be helpful to us if more of our readers shared their thoughts and experiences with us. Often that inspires us with an idea.

Bacall Gets What She Wants

One place in our travels that stands out for me is a quiet campground in a mountain setting.  The first time we were here, I got a spanking while I was facing a grove of myrtlewood trees. That paddling and the setting was such a turn-on, that every time we return to the Oregon coast, I want to relive the experience.

So once again here we are on the coast.  There are numerous sights to explore and it is a feast for the eyes.  We have parked at a delightful place along the river, we go out daily to explore and then return home with fresh fish.

I knew the day that we were headed to my favorite place, so my anticipation increased daily with me getting all tingly.  Finally the day arrived, but in the mere seven miles inland from where we were it was 15 degrees warmer.  Bogey was less then thrilled with the heat and talking about leaving.  My disappointment was becoming acute.  I pointed out a campsite that had a big shade tree. We pulled into it and it was pleasant enough.  Now that I knew that we were staying, the anticipation of the paddling the next morning got me very excited.  We sat outside in a pleasant breeze having hors d’oeuvres and wine.  As the sun set, the temperature dropped. So, here we are in a very quiet place with beautiful mountain scenery having wine, reading and my mind is focused on the morning’s activity.

I slept well, we had breakfast and I got myself prepared for the paddling to come.  Let me tell you, I was hot and bothered!  When I get into that state of mind I become “Miss Tough Fanny”.  It was Bogey’s pleasure to give me the hard spanking that he wanted to give me.  And like a good girl, not only did I take it, but I enjoyed it immensely.  My bottom was as hot as the rest of me and once again, my dream had be brought to fulfillment.  I am one lucky girl.

PS, we took pictures, but they just were not up to standards.

Olympian Tribute

Remember a decade or so back, when full body swim suits that imitated shark skin were banned for giving an unfair advantage?

Well, now women have discovered that bare bottoms improve their play.

Don’t believe me? Well name one other reason these darlings would parade around in these skimpy bottoms.

When a perv like me sees cheeks likes these he wants to paddle.

The Evil Hairbrush

The Hairbrush may be the most popular instrument, but it’s never used by us or on us. In early marriage Bacall bought one on impulse. The cashier made a comment about it when we checked out, indicating that she thought it would be used on me. We laughed and she did not say another word. I guess she felt she had revealed herself.

I tried it out on Bacall and she declared it was evil. Then or later she tried it on me, I fully supported her position that it was evil. We then understood why it was the go to implement for Mom’s. OTK with a hairbrush is indeed punishment. It’s small size makes it ideal to use briskly leaving no time for recovery until it strikes again. I try to humor Bacall’s desire to paddle me OTK, but before she gets to a dozen I am off her lap. She giggles.

Nope, no hairbrushes in our home.

But, it enjoyable to look at pictures of others being hairbrushed.

As I was finishing this post, I noticed I had used the label “Hairbrush” before, so I looked and found I had discussed it four times. Here is an except from a 2008 post.

We tried a few hairbrushes over the years, but none were effective. They were either wimpy or thudy. Becall got a vanity set for high school graduation, which included a hairbrush. It’s not wood or plastic, but some man made material that makes it a 10 on the thud scale. But it is silent and we used it from time-to-time when noise was a concern.

One day, Becall saw a Vidal Sasson brush that looked like it would work. At the checkout, the clerk remarked how good it was for spanking and thought should be used on me. We bantered back and forth for a few minutes and then she must have realized how much she had admitted and sealed her lips.

Let me tell you, this hairbrush works. After it’s first use on her, Becall declared it off limits. And so for years, it was used for brushing her hair. Last year, I had her bring it to me and I whacked her a few times with it, before she said that I should feel it. Lordy, Lordy, was she ever right, that sucker set me on fire. I put it aside for a future play date and told her she should paddle me hard and fast over the knee, just like I was a kid. As you know, she loves me over her knee and she likes to pop me hard and fast and get me wiggling around. So she had an agreeable time and I found out what a bona fide hair brushing feels like. I prefer a paddle thank you very much.

Asking For It

Still on the road. Enjoying the flora of the Oregon coast and the delightful coolness.

The TV show Dragnet had a running line when Jack Webb as Sgt. Friday questioned a talkative witness to a crime, “Just the facts, Ma’am”. That’s the way we write about our spanking episodes. Just the facts. We wish we could make it exciting to read. I can say that for some reason the frequency of spankings is trending up. Maybe it’s the lunar cycle or something. 

The other day Bacall was in the mood for a paddling. She told me the paddles to use and how many with each one. Being the good submissive I am, I obliged her. I was aroused before the first lick. That was no big surprise. When I completed my assigned task, I was rock hard and since she was kneeling on the couch I had her right there bent over. I could say I pulled her hair, but she would not like that. I could say I screamed her sister’s name, that is supposed to give a wild ride, but she does not have a sister. I could have cut her panties off, but I have never carried a knife. Still, it was good sex.


Erica mentioned that the number of viewers she gets is lower since Chross stopped doing Spankings of the Week. I was flabbergasted to read her blog gets only a 100 or so more views than OBB. Especially considering her blog has both correct English and pictures of her spanked backside. I will never be able to do the former and who wants to my spanked bottom.

OBB’s top post remains one that is really nothing special at all. I just happened to pick a title that is probably googled more than any other phrase. No I am going to tell you what it is. I should have deleted it long ago, but I keep it and grin as the hits keep going up.

In second place is one that has a similar title to the first place finisher, though at half the number of viewers. Art is in second place to real life I suppoe all the time.

Third place goes to a picture of a real life principal showing off her paddle.

In fourth place is one of The Devine Miss E’s short stories. It was Chrossed.

In fifth position is a post is about an outdoor paddling we did in Nevada.

I can’t say I miss Spankings of the Week for it was seldom that my tastes matched his. But, for all the folks that enjoyed it, I am sure it’s letdown.