Rolling Hand wrote: One of the most common reasons for the development of a spanking fetish is, I believe, experiences from childhood. This seems especially true for childhood games. Kids get together and devise games recreating family scenes with a “mommy” or “daddy” in charge, or they play “school” with a “strict teacher” in charge. Penalties and forfeits are common, and spankings are among the most common of these. It’s powerful psychological imprinting and leaves lasting memories that often morph into full blown fantasies later in our adult sexual development.

I can buy into that.

I was fascinated with spanking in the first grade. While I was paddled frequently in school, my fascination was with girls being spanked. Not me. That came much later. In the first or second grade, the boys played ball and the girls played in the woods around the playground. One day, I was invited to the girls “fort”, which was a rock, the size of car. That’s when I gave my first spanking at the direction of the girls. Evidently, the girls inviting me to play with them was not approved by the teacher supervising recess as I was removed and not allowed back. They got a tongue lashing and I not invited back to their “fort”.

I really preferred spanking to playing ball. Still do.

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  1. Wow great story. I was in I think 5th grade when my friend invited me to watch his older sister get spanked by their mom. Was life changing. Was a very fast very hard spanking with a hairbrush OTK over her blue panty. I close my eyes and I see it in front of me.
    This I believe also led to my love of panties

  2. I wanted to spank my female teacher. In fact I wanted to cane her knickers down bare bottom. Yes, I've had this fantasy for about 70 years now. Since I am now at the age of 83 years.

  3. Hi. I grew up in a time and neighborhood were spanking was common place. My friend and my backyard were connected and we all played all the time. It was summer and we were getting ready for some whiffle ball when my friend told me and other his sister was about to get spanked and the window we open. In his house serious spankings were done by the mom in the basement. Most of the houses had a window or two on ground level so if it was open you can see in easily. Well his sister was one of those sisters who everyone looked at. We loved when the laundry was hung out on the line! Anyway I bolted up the hill, wondering what was about to happen. I had heard her be doanked but chances to see it; well I could not wait. One other friend followed me.
    We hid at the window and looked down into the laundry room. His sister was sitting in a chair when we heard her mom go down the stairs. What happened next was an affirmation of my kink. Simply stated mom came in the room the girl stood up, mom say had a light brown brush in her hand. She told the girl to lower her shorts and get over her knee. It happened quickly and with little or no discussion. The girl wore ligh blue panties. She got on her mom knee and with no words I jumped when the brush immediately smacked the blue panty. As I said it was fast not sure but the brush spankec fast and hard. The girl was crying immediately. Was amazing. Not sure how long it lasted but it was not long just fast and hard. Her blue panties stayed on. Never saw her bare. However once done her mom stood up with her hugged her and told her to go to her room. She pulled up her shorts and walked out. That was it. A real spanking like I have felt but she was so pretty and the blue panty is still in my mind.
    Thanks and regards

  4. I agree that a childhood spanking got me fascinated with all things spanking. I was 11 and had never been spanked. My neighbour's 16 year old daughter Sherry came to mind me for a weekend while my parents were away. I'll admit I was somewhat of a spoilt brat and I could be quite cheeky. Sherry finally had enough of my cheek and decided to turn bottom cheeks bright red. She hauled me across her lap, bared my bottom and gave a very hard and long spanking. The amazing or confusing thing was that whilst it really hurt I found myself enjoying being spanked. I actually provoked a couple of more spankings that weekend. Then I yearned to be spanked again but didn't want my parents to know that I wanted a spanking. I was in luck with new teacher the following year. Mrs Harper was a strong believer in corporal punishment for misbehaviour. She had a chair positioned in the cloak room with a wooden hairbrush placed on it especially for that purpose. If you misbehaved she would tell you to come to the cloak room at the break of class. The spankings were over her knee with the hairbrush on your covered bottom. The spankings were sound without being too hard and would usually range from 10 to 20 swats of the hairbrush. She would usually chastise you about your misdeed as she spanked you. I'm sure that this introduction to spanking at the age of 11 to 12 around the time of my puberty has influenced my love of all things to do with spanking,
    Warmly Murray

  5. Well I know she heard me get spanked. I slept over many night but one night we were just out of control including teasing her. Well her mom sent us to our room. Then her mom with her behind came in the room. The girl was smiling. Her mom had a ping pong paddle wooden one no padding. She informed us we were going to get spanked and sent to bed. She told the daughter she can listen. Door closed shorts down I was first for a fast rapid hard stinging spanking over her knee. My friend got it next. When the door opened the sister was grinning at us!
    Not unusual in our neighborhood for other mom's to spank anyone at their house.
    Funny I always blushed when I saw her.

  6. I was never spanked by a “baby” sitter. I would probably not have liked it anyway. I got paddled a lot in school but it was never something I wanted. I never wanted to be spanked until I was 18 and then it was like a switch was turned on. Hope you get your backside warmed now.

  7. You guys are funny. Depending on what she is like I might. I remember about six years ago I was speaking with my older cousin at an affair and I mentioned the time she tanned my hide with my aunts hairbrush. We laughed but then she said she will not hesitate to do it again if i misbehave. She is so cool.
    So as for my neighbor again would bi interesting but I would not blurt it out but if the read of her was good…..absolutly.

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