All Smiles – II

We will be on the road seeking sights and adventure for several more months. Internet access is not always available in the forest. So I came up with a series of picture posts which I can upload and schedule to publish at a future time. They may appeal more to men that like to be spanked, than women. The theme is All Smiles, just what I want the women putting a paddle to me doing. I found enough pictures in the vault to do several posts. Many of them have been around for a long time, but I hope you will find the reprise to be enjoyable.

5 thoughts on “All Smiles – II”

  1. I am a normal guy as my wife is a normal woman and we are in a very happy marriage–what no one knows is that for something really serious of which I am at fault I consent to a bare paddling–it hurts and its deserved and it makes things right real quick of course no one else knows as the would laugh me out of town the fact it is totally just between the two of us eliminates any thing about humiliation or embarrassment it hurts a lot on my bare butt however that is why I am getting it I can not find any sites where in there is a male in my situation–any other guy like me? or any other site like us??? thanks

  2. naked guy over wife's lap sure could be me about twice in a typical year–however, my wife is not smiling when she is so frustrated she has to spank me it is not a smiling time! I got it coming no argument from me—In fact when it has to happen we both seem to know at the same time—when a bare ass spanking has to settle things As I said–I sure got it coming but it really hurts on my naked butt

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