The Final Session

This is the last in the series of stories by the Divine Miss E. She is no more. Fitting to publish on the 4th I thought.

He studied her carefully and decided her life was stressful enough. He knew exactly what she needed and would see that she received it. On the long drive over he had planned every moment of her session with his usual meticulous attention to detail. Now it was time. He rose and took her by the arm. She resisted slightly, but after seeing the serious set of his eyes, she accompanied him to the bedroom. “Take off everything. I want you face down on the bed.” Nervously she complied. So many times before she had removed her panties for him, regretfully. When she was prone, he stroked her firmly and reminded her “no noise, no movement.” He took the flogger in his hand and hefted it. Starting at her shoulders he firmly worked his way down. At first she flinched, but then realized it was not the switch, and then sagged with relief. The rhythmic sound of the leather on her flesh lulled her and her muscles relaxed as she sank into the bed. All she could think about was what a delicious master he was. Anticipating her needs and meeting them. 

He lay the flogger aside and poured the warm fragrant oil in his palm. The achingly beautiful strains of the horn concerto filled the room. She felt his large strong hands caressing her, kneading every shred of tension from her body. He eased her over, and began the same soothing massage down her front. He teased her nipples and tickled her tummy. But then returned to his task at hand. When every surface had been caressed, he turned and picked up the hairbrush and moved a chair to the edge of the bed. Her eyes flashed with fear, as memories of paddling’s past alarmed her. Now he repositioned her so that her hair swung over the edge of the bed. Taking his seat he proceeded to brush through her thick dark locks until the proverbial 100 strokes had been reached. 

By then the bubble bath was ready and the candles lit. He led her to the steaming tub and then when she was settled, brought her the latest issue of Cosmo and an iced hazelnut coffee. “My dear, the road home beckons. Enjoy yourself, and when you leave, place the key on the desk.” One deep lingering kiss, and he was gone. 

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