The Coming Election

The really bad thing about the Presidential election is that one of them is going to win. No avoiding that.

The only reasons to vote for the most corrupt person since Spiro Agnew would be:

1) You want to be a part of the novelty of voting for the first female President.
2) You want to enhance the legacy of Obama with more lawless acts.

3 thoughts on “The Coming Election”

  1. Where are the leaders? There must be somebody good out there who hasn't got a skeleton in the cupboard. If you think the States is in bad shape with its Government you should see the mess we are in here in the UK.

  2. We have been wondering where the leaders are for some time. Each election cycle, the candidates are worse. Bacall and I wonder if the chaos in the UK is the same as the clamor of the Trumpkins. Will order come out of chaos or will be go further down the tube? Cheers

  3. Clinton is an APPALLING choice. Might as well vote for Don Corleone except even he wasn't a TRAITOR. Love him or ate him Trump is a multi-billionaire and the media, despite trying over and over again, have not been able to produce one ex-employee who hated working for him or claimed he cracked racist jokes or made sexist comments – EVER. The media HATES the guy because he is not the status quo and unless you just came out of a coma – the status quo is about to DESTROY the WEST including the USA.

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