We are on the road again. After being at home for a year, it’s great getting away. We will be gone for six or so months. In the final two weeks before we left, we succumbed first to   allergies and then a frantic final week loading the motor home. The upshot, no one got paddled. 

We remedied that yesterday. Bacall kneeled on the couch and I paddled her twitching pink panty clad bottom. With all her bottom twitching, I figured she was randy. One touch to her sensitive spot confirmed that. She pressed herself hard against my fingers and rubbed herself while I continued to paddle her with Ronnie’s husband favorite paddle. I “ramped up the volume” the more she rubbed. Mount Vesuvius soon erupted.

After she settled down, I bent over the couch she gave me “what for”. We are two satisfied people.

We have often pondered how much of each of these contributes to her getting turned on. The thought/act of getting paddled and the thought/act of paddling me. Is it doubled when we have a joint session like we did yesterday?

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  1. I am drawn to your site because what you described in this post is my absolute fantasy. The two of you are living it. Haven't come across it anywhere else, so it is much appreciated when you share the details of your spank-and-spank-alike relationship. Am of the similar view that spanking is all about stimulation and creating a mindset that leads to the other forms of please we seek. So enjoy what you do and please continue to allow us to live it vicariously.

  2. Styxman, it is comments like yours that keep us blogging. Thanks for taking the time to express yourself. We wish we could write our spanking adventures like Ronnie is able to. But, we do the best we can and depend on the reader to fill in the gaps.

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