My Spanking Paradise

All of us have different concepts of paradise, be it on terraferma or heaven.  Same thing for fantasies. We all have them. They are all different. Most change as time passes. My longest held favorite fantasy island would be to live in a neighborhood of couples that enjoy spanking. Most would be switchy couples like us. It would make Saturday evening get togethers a lot of fun. Going to a neighborhood BBQ would take on a whole new meaning.

Arriving for the neighborhood party

As long as it’s a fantasy, we would all be handsome, slim and fit no matter our age. The women’s lingerie budget would be generous. Of course, some would go for panties for me! For my birthday, the women would buy panties for me, have me model them and then paddle me in them. Hey, it’s my fantasy.

Of course, no one would be overtly dominate or submissive. They would be like us. There would be no black fetish wear – well maybe for Halloween. And all would be sociable, no depressives, bores, egg heads, etc.

Playing with others would involve necessary nudity, but no sex. I would equally enjoy being paddled by other women, watching Bacall paddle others, being side-by-side with  Bacall holding hands over a couch and while another couple warms our bottoms and, of course reciprocating.

A Wee Rant

The woman is this picture has a spankable bottom and I approve of her dress. The man on the other hand is sloppily dressed and that ruins the picture for me.

His kaki’s have been worn several days as the bulging fabric at the knees show. Horrors, his Mother was not able to train him to tuck in his shirttail.
OK, you may say it was pulled out while spanking her. No excuse for not tucking it in before the shutter clicked.

This was on my mind.

On Being Sassy

Bacall writes:

Sometime a girl just feels really good and I have been so glad to get out of town, that I have been feeling especially, say frisky, since we left home. That can get a girl in trouble.  I’m just having fun, but someone (Bogey), takes exception.  Putting on pretty white panties and swishing my fanny at him was a sure way of getting a paddling.

I assumed my favorite position and continued swishing my fanny as he commenced the paddling session.  Some of the pops were a little hard in my opinion.  Still feeling frisky, and I honestly don’t know why I did it, I stuck my tongue out.  Harder pops followed.  I tried to apologize and take it back by showing him the offending tongue!   Well, that did not work.  Maybe the problem is that I could not stop smiling and giggling. Sometimes being sassy is so much fun.

Bogey comments:

A week before this I woke up thinking I wanted to play in black panties. Bacall thought this was sterling idea, she put on her black panties and we paddled each other. I blogged about getting 16 licks and how much they stung – in a good way.

This week I woke thinking about getting paddled in white panties. Again, Bacall agreed this was an excellent idea and soon we were taking our turn bending over the couch. 

I gave Bacall who knows how many with my belt, then an unknown number with her fav wood paddle. Then the sassy girl hands me the Teacher’s paddle and allows that she needed a few more.

This time I got 22 licks. Is this a trend? Wondering how many I will get in red panties?

The batten will be making an appearance tomorrow.

Well Toasted

I woke up dreaming about being paddled. So I went in my naughty panty drawer and got a pair of full cut black Lycra panties. As soon as Bacall saw them she said someone is getting paddled this morning. Black panties means I want the black paddle. It’s one of the stingiest paddles ever made. Southern pine so it’s light. About a foot long, three inches wide and a half-inch thick. All burn, no thud. It goes back to early marriage.

I bent over and she gave me four licks over the panties. I expected her to take them down and she did. She then delivered six of her best. Maybe I was having a sensitive day. Don’t know, but I was on fire. She gave me a short break. I would not have complained if she stopped right there, but I did not figure she would. I asked how many more and she said six. I knew that would push me, but I willed myself to hang in there and I did. After every lick she always waits until I relax my cheeks before giving another lick. Twice she had to remind me to stick my bottom back out.

No complaints.

We are on the road again. After being at home for a year, it’s great getting away. We will be gone for six or so months. In the final two weeks before we left, we succumbed first to   allergies and then a frantic final week loading the motor home. The upshot, no one got paddled. 

We remedied that yesterday. Bacall kneeled on the couch and I paddled her twitching pink panty clad bottom. With all her bottom twitching, I figured she was randy. One touch to her sensitive spot confirmed that. She pressed herself hard against my fingers and rubbed herself while I continued to paddle her with Ronnie’s husband favorite paddle. I “ramped up the volume” the more she rubbed. Mount Vesuvius soon erupted.

After she settled down, I bent over the couch she gave me “what for”. We are two satisfied people.

We have often pondered how much of each of these contributes to her getting turned on. The thought/act of getting paddled and the thought/act of paddling me. Is it doubled when we have a joint session like we did yesterday?