The Katzenjammer Kids was a long running comic featuring Hans and Fritz, twins who rebelled against authority, particularly in the form of their mother, Mama. The main plot of the strip was Hans and Fritz would pull a prank or trick on one of the adults which resulted in their being hunted down and given a spanking in the end panel. The comic died when political correctness became the vogue and spanking of kids was banned.

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The Compliance Check

Another from the vault written by the Divine Miss E 

She was silly and flippant as she complied with his order. Leaning
forward, she placed her hands on the wall and thrust her bottom out pertly,
while knowing he wanted her ass. She felt powerful and desirable. It had been
so long since they had played this game. She glanced back at him, but his
face was somber and intent. She wanted his attention and wiggled her ass at
him and made a joke. “Stop it. Now. You forget yourself.” She responded to
the note of impatience and annoyance in his voice by turning away and tossing
her head. He saw her resistance and knew he would overcome her; that she
would submit to him again. 
He lowered her panties and felt her stiffen her resolve. She pulled away
from his hand as he stroked her air-prickled skin. She would learn control.
“My dear, today you will be paddled quite soundly. You will submit to me and
obey me.” She remained silent and refused to respond. “Very well.” He drew
the paddle back and brought it down hard. She jumped and cried out, then
stood to face him. “That was too hard!” “Resume your position. The first
lesson you will appreciate is that I will paddle you as hard and as long as I
like. You will demonstrate your understanding of this principle by
maintaining your position and thanking me for each stroke.” He was pleased to
see her attempt to hide the inner struggle of submission. Hesitating for a
moment, she stoically turned and again leaned to receive his paddle. Again
the paddle fell firmly. Her hands strained against the wall, and her mouth
tightened in pain, but she didn’t move and in a few moments she whispered
“Thank you, Sir”. He smiled to himself and was relieved that she had decided
to obey. Next he tapped her lightly, “Are you trying to pull away from the
paddle?” She arched her back and lifted her bottom. “No, Sir. Please give
me the good paddling I need.” A few more strokes followed, not as harsh, but
she had to struggle to maintain her composure.
He put the paddle down and saw her sag with relief. He reached between
her legs and gently pushed his fingers into her wetness. She moaned and
pulled away. He slapped her ass hard. “You will not move; I will do whatever
I want with you. And I better not hear a sound out of you either.” He began
to tease her again, moving up to her clit. She was hot and again tried to
twist away from him as he brought her close to coming. “What did I tell you?”
“I can’t help it, you are making me too hot. I can’t be quiet or hold
still.” “Can’t or won’t?” He picked up the paddle and lay three blistering
strokes on her. He placed the nipple clips on her breasts and then began to
fondle her again. This time she panted and whimpered, but did not retreat
from his touch. He sunk his fingers deep into her ass, and was gratified that
she offered no resistance. “I’m going to fuck your ass now, and I expect your
complete cooperation. Is that clear?” “Yes, Sir. Please fuck me now.” She
shivered as he pushed into her, and his hands circled her waist to steady
her. “Now ride it.” She hesitated a moment as he jammed his cock to the
hilt, and then she swayed back and forth, taking and releasing his full
length. At last they came together in a shudder, and he felt her legs tremble
as she tried to remain in position. Gently he lay her on the bed. They both
lay quietly, no sounds except the deep breaths of recovery. 

He raised her to stand before him. “Hand me the paddle.” She brought it
to him and wordlessly resumed her position against the wall. 

The Cloakroom

This post is about spanking kids. Yeah, that’s taboo. But, I am going to share these drawings and tell you that I was the boy in them. Is this where I got my fascination with spanking? Maybe, maybe not. Lots of folks with a fascination for spanking were never spanked as kids. Maybe, they wanted to be spanked, but it never happened.

School spankings are probably the number topic when spanking is discussed. And consider the number of school girl outfits purchased every year. This sartorial drama has continued long after spanking in schools has been either banned effectively banned. It makes me wonder about our collective intrigue with school spankings.

Even though I was humiliated by the paddlings I got in grammar school, the same kind of paddlings I got in high school have been my frame of reference for the type of paddlings I like to get and give. I find it odd.

Paddlings in my elementary school were more private, but everyone knew when they happened and who was paddled by who.

Now to my confession of childhood humiliation.

English is an expansive language. Why not coat room, rather than cloakroom? Whatever, ours was hallway behind the classroom with open doorways into the classroom at each end. There were hooks on one wall to hang coats. It was also where you were taken to feel the paddle if your pants were to be taken down. Evidently the teachers had a choice. The hall outside the classroom for pants on or the cloakroom for pants off. The upside for the teacher was that she did not have to leave the room. Plus the sounds and cries from the room had a sobering effect on the entire class. It was humiliating for the child being paddled. The last panel is dead on.

Asking For It

I did it again. I asked for it and she delivered.

Two weeks back I wondered if Bacall had eased up on me. Her paddle licks still stung, but I was over it in short order. Was I getting an iron bottom or was she easing up on me? I asked her and she frankly did not know, but said she would renew her efforts. Oh my did she. She took me to my limit.

This last week, I told her that I appreciated the extra effort, but she could back off a wee bit. We contracted for 10 with the Principal’s paddle and 10 with the Teacher’s paddle. She laid them on with vigor, but surprised me with the last four – they took my breath away. 

Well done my love.

I will let this old Nu-West photo fill in for our paddle session. I was bending over a chair.