Spanking Naughty Men

Many accounts of F/M spanking start with the Mother giving her daughter a hairbrush to ensure the husband stays in line. It is normally mentioned that the Mother spanked her husband and that the tradition is being continued. Mom sometimes witnesses the spanking and also spanks the S-I-L.

I wonder how common this is in the real world. I am thinking it is exceedingly rare. I guess the only way to find out would be to do a house-to-house canvas looking for wood hairbrushes.

Q: “The great writer George Bernard Shaw once wrote, ‘It’s such a wonderful thing, what a crime to waste it on children.’ What is it?”

Paul Lynde: “A whipping.”

6 thoughts on “Spanking Naughty Men”

  1. I agree. Like you though, my wife soanks me purely because I like it and I ask her to. No role play, no dom/sub dynamic. I like ut and it turns me on.

  2. Hi, My wife fully agrees with the comment by GBS. She is a keen spanker and caner and loves to have an excuse to spank me, however slight the excuse and a 'role playing' siuation develops! I must say I love the stories she weaves around even a minor case of not doing my share of the chores! I have to report to the study ,and stand in front of her to be undressed and then put over her knees for my spanking! After she lctures me further and send me for her cane!I have to bend over for up to 12 strokes, each leaving a raised red ridge on my buttocks! We then conclude the matter in the usual way!! I really do love my wife !

  3. Sounds like fun to us. Women are better story tellers than men. I am sure our readers would enjoy reading an example of her story telling abilities. I know I would. Perhaps she will favor us. If she does, Bacall promises to reciprocate.

    PS, having my belt buckle undone is always exciting. Just as Bacall likes to hear it come our my pants loops when it's for her.

  4. I used to watch that game show and Paul Lynde was always able to come up with a good answer and I did happen to see that show. My wife and I laughed so hard.

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