School Girl Paddlings

There are probably more pictures and drawings depicting school girls getting paddled than any other category. Women enjoy playing the role otherwise there would not be so many school girl outfits sold in adult sizes. [Click on Short Plaid Skirts in the right margin to see the dozens posted on OBB]

In the drawing below, note the lass at the left has gotten back in line and one on the right looks in complete bliss.

Late Evening Flogging

Erica posted this picture of her and her girl chums enjoying being flogged in the late evening. I showed it to Bacall, as we did the same thing when we were on the party circuit. 

It usually happened Friday night. Four or six women laying on the bed in nothing but panties with four or six men using floggers with sensuous falls. Not much talk, just ummm’s and ah’s.

Thanks for the memory Erica. Why didn’t we take pictures? 

Free Home Delivery

I often talk with a woman who is regularly paddled for her “sins”. I think most of the reasons for punishment are pure bullshit, but she has a strong need to feel accountable which in turn makes her feel loved. Her Dad is eager to hold her accountable. Dad lives at a distance, so he has substitutes paddle her when he is not available. I remarked to her that her paddling’s are delivered right to her door like pizza. That’s something a lot of folks would find appealing, even fun.

The idea of a woman popping by on the third Monday of the month to paddle me, has some appeal. Of course, she would have to meet all my criteria. And I am quite picky.

Spanking Naughty Men

Many accounts of F/M spanking start with the Mother giving her daughter a hairbrush to ensure the husband stays in line. It is normally mentioned that the Mother spanked her husband and that the tradition is being continued. Mom sometimes witnesses the spanking and also spanks the S-I-L.

I wonder how common this is in the real world. I am thinking it is exceedingly rare. I guess the only way to find out would be to do a house-to-house canvas looking for wood hairbrushes.

Q: “The great writer George Bernard Shaw once wrote, ‘It’s such a wonderful thing, what a crime to waste it on children.’ What is it?”

Paul Lynde: “A whipping.”


Sure, bring them on. 

Q&A – So Far

  1. Is Bacall spanked more than you or is it about equal?
    Have you or Bacall every used a cane?


    1. Over the long run, I get the paddle more than Bacall. In a shorter period, she can get more attention than I do. It all depends on our moods. We have both used and felt a cane. I am the only one she has canned. I have caned other women. It’s fine, but the wood paddle remains our fav.

  2. How do you decide who gets the spanking? How long have you been practicing TTWD and what made you start?
    Hugs Lindy

    1. We tentatively started paddling before we were married. Her first and then I got the nerve to tell her I wanted the same.

      Over the years, we have slowly, and not without bumps, gotten to a place where we can ask for the paddling we want. We understand that removes the dom/sub factor and the I have to take what I get, but for us, it works, because we don’t have a subby bone in us. In the last two decades, we have found ourselves able to tell the other, I need the so-so paddle while I kneel on the sofa or whatever pops in our heads. That’s not to say we don’t get some surprises from time-to-time. Bacall was the one to introduce asking for what I want to the mix. I followed her led.

      Bacall also introduced what she calls joint action paddling, meaning we both get paddled. These replaced it’s my turn sessions. These became our most common sessions. However, Bacall especially, will ask for an An All Me session.

      Hope this answers your question and thanks for asking.

      May I ask you a question? Do you think our arrangement would work for other couples? A few, some, or?

    2. Thank you for your answers. This arrangement might work for other couples. I know my Bear is the spanker in our house and I’m the spankee. We did try it the other way around once but Bear didn’t like it. Its good that you are both into it and it works this way for you.
      Hugs Lindy 
    3. What was the most memorable spanking each one of your received from each other, in your life long association with this enjoyable fetish.
    4. Bacall writes: This was hard!  I guess it would be the times I have been in a “submissive” mode and put on my Persian slave girl costume, in handcuffs attached to the door and the spreader bar clipped to my ankles.  I submit to you and you and I have a delightful time.
    5. Bogey writes: It is a hard question. We have what we like down pat and we don’t venture from it. We change dress, rooms, places and paddles, but we know what we like and we stay in our comfort zone. Perhaps, the most memorable, tho not the best, were the times we played with another woman. Having two women get competitive paddling me was exhilarating. And then there was that naughty bit we did after the paddling. Me standing between Bacall and her, both of them stroking my stiffie until I erupted and nearly passing out.

Facial Recognition

Spanking enthusiast tend to hide their faces and identity. You have seen our faces on OBB, sometimes you did not know it was us, because like most folks we hide ourselves. Some of you know who we are. In fact, several hundred people know we are into spanking. There have never been any repercussions. We hide simple because a few years back I used facial recognition software to locate pictures of Bacall on the web. It found a few. It also found a picture of our daughter. Whoops! Neither of us thought that they looked that much alike. It would embarrass our granddaughter to look for her Mother and find that her grandparents like spanking. Even more so, if her friends chanced on it. So we use pictures of dead movie stars as stand-in’s for us.

I think men hide more than women.

Today, I would like to contrast how we hide ourselves as being spanking enthusiast and how open we are to showing off our sexual organs.
Before going there, you must keep in mind that Bacall and I see spanking as sexual, not as punishment or discipline. I can see how people might want to hide that they were spanked for raising their voice to their spouse.
So consider would rather your face be found in this pose or with your bottom reddened?

Hi Kids, yes Mom likes a enema now and then

Yeah, we have all done this, but there was no web when we were young. Is this really smart?
College was so much fun. Will it still be fun when your future employer matches this to you. It’s already common practice for employers to search social media to see what pops up on you.

“I did it on a dare. You can’t hold it against me forever”.

We were newly weds then and it’s still on the web 40 years later!
Have I made my point?