Well Dressed Women

Being of the dinosaur generation, our dress is markedly different from the mainstream slouch look.
These two women still know how to dress. And here is the key to this post, I only want to spank or be spanked by well dressed women.

Nice to see the center hair part is making a comeback.


2 thoughts on “Well Dressed Women”

  1. Hi Bogey,
    I agree, there is something about dressing up for a spanking that makes it all the better. I believe we share the same opinion about dressing up in general, especially for work days.


  2. Agreed. No doubt there is a formality present, something more authoritative in sense or feeling, when the Lady whose lap you are over is more formally dressed. Curious whether the younger generation is similarly inclined given the sea-change in ladies attire since the 50's and 60's?

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