School Uniforms – Dressing For The Role – IV

None of the girls in the schools I attended wore outfits like these. Damnit. School uniforms worn by adult women seems almost universal. Bless them. How many of these skirts are sold each year?

Is this the teacher’s assistant?

Seems she is getting some extra instruction. Bacall always swoons when I do this.

2 thoughts on “School Uniforms – Dressing For The Role – IV”

  1. We're especially drawn to school uniforms too. I appreciate that the skirts available for adults now come in a variety of lengths and sizes. I've also noticed in recent years that some lingerie manufacturers are skipping the skirt entirely and I'm finding all kinds of plaid prints on panties/knickers. Whether petite or curvy, playing dressed up or clad in plaid beneath our day clothes, we all get to play!

    Best, Abby Williams

  2. I have always wondered where adult women get the idea to dress in a school uniform. Most I have known did not wear one in school and their companion did not suggest it. Would love to interview 100 women to learn more about this.

    We have always admired plaid patterns, not just for skirts, but upholstery also.

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