Spanking Positions

Humans like different positions. There are a lot more positions for sex than for spanking, but there are still quite a few positions for spanking and some allow for sex at the same time. 

In my spanking dreams, bending over a desk to get paddled has long been a favorite position of mine. I was thinking about it this morning as I recalled that the last two times Bacall has paddled me it’s been over a desk. It’s certainly not the first time she has done it, but it had been awhile since she did, so she is obviously dusting off her bag of tricks.
I decided I could record my idle thoughts on the paddling positions I have experienced while in school into a post.

Grade School – Bent over holding my legs in the boys restroom was a favorite of the principal. Bent over in the hall was preferred by teachers, as they could get the teacher across the hall as a witness and both could keep an eye on their classes. This way both classes, could hear what was going on. It was convenient for all except the person bent over.

Middle School – This is the only time I was paddled over a desk. I got quite familiar with his desk. I had to grab the other side and hold on while he wielded a formidable paddle.

High School – The Assistant Principal liked to use the boys restroom after classes. All who had earned licks for the day lined up outside and one-by-one we entered, bent over and he serviced us. If you were getting the ultimate sanction, 15 licks, he took you to the teachers lounge during class so you could grab your legs and attempt to stay in position.

So all of my pre-adult positions were either holding my legs or the other side of a desk. Small wonder that my adult spanking dreams put these two positions at the top of my list.

Where do you suppose your favorite position came from?

One thought on “Spanking Positions”

  1. A classic 50's and early 60's upbringing no doubt… though admittedly I've always just been fascinated with the mysteries of the feminine lap.

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