We have not titled a post Potpourri in a long time. These posts happen when there is no theme to the pictures and we have nothing else to share with you spanking-wise.

The chap on the right seems to be enjoying the view.

I have always heard of bubble butts, now I see how they look.

The living arrangement suggested here looks interesting.

We have enjoyed half of our time in Florida, the cold temp and strong breezes abated and we got to do some fun things outside. We are headed back home today after some fun days with friends.

Some Luscious Bottoms To Day Dream About Spanking

Regrets to my two female readers. I have little for you today. 

Today’s word is Imminent – adjective 

1. likely to occur at any moment; impending. 
2. projecting or leaning forward; overhanging. 

Let’s illustrate:

You can readily see they are projecting, leaning forward and even overhanging. Let’s hope this will occur at any moment near you. [Thanks to Ivory Tower for the first one]

More examples may be useful. Especially for the shoe fans.

Bonus points if know where this was taken.

Now you know that imminent may be used with a secret meaning. 

School Uniforms – Dressing For The Role – IV

None of the girls in the schools I attended wore outfits like these. Damnit. School uniforms worn by adult women seems almost universal. Bless them. How many of these skirts are sold each year?

Is this the teacher’s assistant?

Seems she is getting some extra instruction. Bacall always swoons when I do this.

The Long Long Paddle

When she is in the hall with her paddle, I really doubt there will be any tardies to the next class.

I am posting this on January 31. I am still having posting problems. By the time you read this we will be sunning our buns in the Florida Keys, where I suspect our on ramp to the internet will be limited. So if this is the last post you see for awhile, you will understand.

These stories don’t get many comments. A shame. I consider the writing to be well above average. Perhaps I am biased. But, they sure get the hits. 6 to 10 thousand a story. Only two more in the vault and then no more.

Another from the vault by the Divine Miss E

Late that night he saw the light on under her door. Probably cramming for that exam. He tapped on the door and eased it open. Instead of her forensic texts, she was propped up in bed perusing the latest Cosmo. “I thought you were getting ready for the national exam?”   “I’m tired of all that dull stuff. It puts me to sleep. Besides, I’ve been over it before. Surely I can pass an exam on material I’ve been teaching for two years.”  He gave her that pondering look. “I should think you would not be satisfied to just pass.”

The next morning he sat at the table, latte in hand, and glanced through the newspaper. Upstairs a great clatter arose and Elise flew down the stairs. “Please, my dear, a little decorum.”   She dashed out the door- “I’m late- I just realized I was supposed to be there at 7:30 instead of 8:00!”

The afternoon shadows were stretching across the floor when she finally came home. He walked in and sat beside her on the couch. “What was all that rushing about this morning? Do you remember our little talk two weeks ago about my expectation for you to organize your mornings?”   She took a deep breath to calm her nerves. How could she not remember?  Two weeks ago he had told her he expected her to be dressed and seated at the table for a civilized breakfast without fail. Her habit of late night websurfing had caught up with her and made her long to stay abed as long as possible. The little talk had also included a trip across his lap for reinforcement.

“Well, this was different. When I registered for my exam the board sent
me an entrance permit with the final instructions. I was just being thorough today when I got the permit out to double check the location. That’s when I noticed that although the exam didn’t start until 8:00, we had to check in by 7:30. Thank heavens I was being so careful!”  

She said all this bravely, but with a sinking heart. It never did any good.

“I see. Waited until the last minute to even read the instructions? ” 
His hand took her upper arm and pulled her over his lap. She expected this, and knew better than to resist. She prayed only that he would be finished before Dorothy came home. Nothing embarrassed her more than having someone else witness her punishment. After he administered a firm spanking, he set her on her feet.  “When you receive your test results, I expect to be informed. Because you refused to adequately prepare, you will have a piece of my paddle for each point missed.”   With a toss of her head, still smarting from her humiliation, “And what if I make a perfect score?”  “My dear, I
suppose I shall have to cane you for excessive pride.”   

Spanking Positions

Humans like different positions. There are a lot more positions for sex than for spanking, but there are still quite a few positions for spanking and some allow for sex at the same time. 

In my spanking dreams, bending over a desk to get paddled has long been a favorite position of mine. I was thinking about it this morning as I recalled that the last two times Bacall has paddled me it’s been over a desk. It’s certainly not the first time she has done it, but it had been awhile since she did, so she is obviously dusting off her bag of tricks.
I decided I could record my idle thoughts on the paddling positions I have experienced while in school into a post.

Grade School – Bent over holding my legs in the boys restroom was a favorite of the principal. Bent over in the hall was preferred by teachers, as they could get the teacher across the hall as a witness and both could keep an eye on their classes. This way both classes, could hear what was going on. It was convenient for all except the person bent over.

Middle School – This is the only time I was paddled over a desk. I got quite familiar with his desk. I had to grab the other side and hold on while he wielded a formidable paddle.

High School – The Assistant Principal liked to use the boys restroom after classes. All who had earned licks for the day lined up outside and one-by-one we entered, bent over and he serviced us. If you were getting the ultimate sanction, 15 licks, he took you to the teachers lounge during class so you could grab your legs and attempt to stay in position.

So all of my pre-adult positions were either holding my legs or the other side of a desk. Small wonder that my adult spanking dreams put these two positions at the top of my list.

Where do you suppose your favorite position came from?