The Paddling’s Continue

Bacall has warmed my buns twice this year. Bacall has only had one paddling. It’s that one I want to share with you. It was a typical session for us. I told her the day before of my plans. She was totally on-board with the idea. She had her morning shower and put on a pair of her new polka dot panties that Santa put in her stocking. 

Since I had not used a belt on her in far too long, I decided to start one I wear with my uniform. It’s a decent belt, not too heavy, but substantial. She was squawking before too long, but I was not going too hard and thought she was having fun. By the time, I switched to her fav wood paddle, she was saying things like “I am going to clean the bathroom.”

I have to take you back in time. A close friend of hers that she loved to play with gave her the safe word of “I want to clean the house”. Yes, he was devilish in a humorous way.

I took her as nibbling around her safe word, teasing me. As that is exactly the kind of thing she will think of while OTK. So I continued paddling her, until I finally understood when she said “I am real close to saying Stop Damn It.”

Hey, I am just a guy.

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