College Days

In college, I worked 30-40 hours a week and carried from half to three quarter course load. I made the Dean’s List most quarters. I still managed to find time to have fun. I am positive that most students these days are not learning much and paying too much for it. However, it seems they are still having fun.

It had to happen with all the micro breweries.

Always good to find a lass that will try out the frat paddle.

The new version Live Writer worked for me once. Now it blows up on opening it. I have lots of posts formatted in it, ready to go. But, I am not able to access them at this time. So posts may be erratic.

2 thoughts on “College Days”

  1. Bogey and Bacall, I am sure with one swig of that potent drink called SPANK. One sure can have a 'spanking good time', with that Maybe better to take, than VIAGRA.

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