Happy, Happy, Happy

This is the time of the year, when we wish each other a Happy and Prosperous New Year. It’s another year that the world has to put up with Obama. He is absolutely the worst thing that has ever happened to the United States. I don’t feel we will recover from the devastation he has done. And it’s not limited to the US, it’s world-wide. Nuclear weapons being used by a terrorist state are quite a real possibility now. So with this shadow hanging over us, Happy New Year.

Personally I am Happy, Happy, Happy.

I was reading the fantasy wishes on a spanking forum. The women mostly wanted someone to hold them accountable. I equate accountable with I will act like a two year and make your life a living hell if you do not stay on me all the time and dish out punishment. I’ll pass on helping make that sort fantasy real life. I have no interest in holding someone accountable. I have my own life to live.

Most of the male fantasies revolve around wanting one women to spank them while another watches. I guess that full-fills a need for embarrassment. [Having been paddled by two women more than once, I was not at all embarrassed. It was all good fun for all of us]

I reflected that all the fantasies listed that I have not tried were of no interest to me. Seems I ran out of fantasies years ago. Completed my bucket list. Sure, some of them I would like to repeat, if and only if they would be as much fun as they originally were. And going back usually does not work out.

I leave you with something to reflect on as your read other spanking blogs.

What if spanking had nothing to do with behavior or embarrassment? Do you think they would continue to publish? Would you still enjoy spanking if behavior or embarrassment were removed from the equation?

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  1. Mumski and I truly enjoy the act of giving and receiving spankings and punishments are very rare. We have always seen spankings in the nature of a fun reward (because of the great sex afterwards). So if I had a blog I would still publish without the punishment aspects.

  2. We don't really do punishment spanking though as I said recently that I would like more real spankings, I would still publish.


  3. As usual I leave a few keys works out of my post. Ronnie your blog is one of handful that is not built on punishment. I should have asked the question For the blogs built on punishment, if they dropped the punishment aspect would you continue to read them. Speaking for myself, I read very few of them, but of those I do read I would continue as my enjoyment of them is not predicated on the punishment aspect.

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