Happy Monday

Open Writer still does not work for me and a lot of other folks. I had a dozen or so posts in draft from and some more ready to upload. Now I can not get to them as the program blows before it finishes opening. The files are typical MS unintelligeble format. I should get an old version of the program from a back up, so I can at least access them and copy and paste them here. Yeah, I know this does not affect you much, but it’s related to OBB and I wanted vent a little. 

The Paddling’s Continue

Bacall has warmed my buns twice this year. Bacall has only had one paddling. It’s that one I want to share with you. It was a typical session for us. I told her the day before of my plans. She was totally on-board with the idea. She had her morning shower and put on a pair of her new polka dot panties that Santa put in her stocking. 

Since I had not used a belt on her in far too long, I decided to start one I wear with my uniform. It’s a decent belt, not too heavy, but substantial. She was squawking before too long, but I was not going too hard and thought she was having fun. By the time, I switched to her fav wood paddle, she was saying things like “I am going to clean the bathroom.”

I have to take you back in time. A close friend of hers that she loved to play with gave her the safe word of “I want to clean the house”. Yes, he was devilish in a humorous way.

I took her as nibbling around her safe word, teasing me. As that is exactly the kind of thing she will think of while OTK. So I continued paddling her, until I finally understood when she said “I am real close to saying Stop Damn It.”

Hey, I am just a guy.

College Days

In college, I worked 30-40 hours a week and carried from half to three quarter course load. I made the Dean’s List most quarters. I still managed to find time to have fun. I am positive that most students these days are not learning much and paying too much for it. However, it seems they are still having fun.

It had to happen with all the micro breweries.

Always good to find a lass that will try out the frat paddle.

The new version Live Writer worked for me once. Now it blows up on opening it. I have lots of posts formatted in it, ready to go. But, I am not able to access them at this time. So posts may be erratic.

Happy, Happy, Happy

This is the time of the year, when we wish each other a Happy and Prosperous New Year. It’s another year that the world has to put up with Obama. He is absolutely the worst thing that has ever happened to the United States. I don’t feel we will recover from the devastation he has done. And it’s not limited to the US, it’s world-wide. Nuclear weapons being used by a terrorist state are quite a real possibility now. So with this shadow hanging over us, Happy New Year.

Personally I am Happy, Happy, Happy.

I was reading the fantasy wishes on a spanking forum. The women mostly wanted someone to hold them accountable. I equate accountable with I will act like a two year and make your life a living hell if you do not stay on me all the time and dish out punishment. I’ll pass on helping make that sort fantasy real life. I have no interest in holding someone accountable. I have my own life to live.

Most of the male fantasies revolve around wanting one women to spank them while another watches. I guess that full-fills a need for embarrassment. [Having been paddled by two women more than once, I was not at all embarrassed. It was all good fun for all of us]

I reflected that all the fantasies listed that I have not tried were of no interest to me. Seems I ran out of fantasies years ago. Completed my bucket list. Sure, some of them I would like to repeat, if and only if they would be as much fun as they originally were. And going back usually does not work out.

I leave you with something to reflect on as your read other spanking blogs.

What if spanking had nothing to do with behavior or embarrassment? Do you think they would continue to publish? Would you still enjoy spanking if behavior or embarrassment were removed from the equation?