What Makes A Good Paddling For Me


There are several things that make a padding good for me. A frat or school paddle is a requirement. The paddler must be reasonably attractive and groomed and not wearing any sort of fetish wear or sporting tats and the licks must be well laid on. In this clip Lena performs her role with aplomb. She understands using both wrist action and body English to add force and sting. In the second part of the clip, she is standing and in better position to use her body to slam the paddle home with a snap. Most women don’t know how to hold or swing a paddle. It’s not a club. Tennis should be a prerequisite.

Cute panties too.

5 thoughts on “What Makes A Good Paddling For Me”

  1. Likewise I don't often find F/M videos that check all the boxes that excite me. This is a rare exception, and thanks for sharing it. I particularly like the deliberate pace of the paddling, letting the impact of each swat settle in for maximum effect and anticipation of the next to come. Don't care for rapid-fire spankings that look like someone is playing a drum. Want a drawn-out paddling with soul, not Ringo on Rubber Soul.

  2. We share an enjoyment of a slow paced paddling. My wife likes to surprise me now and then with some licks that do not allow any recovery between them. After I come down off the ceiling, I appreciate her enthusiasm and playfullness, but I would not want it all the time.

  3. Lovely and so well administered. My wife usually starts my spankings over my panties, like here, and then on the bare. I especially like her stroke and how she rests the paddle on the bottom. Thanks for sharing!


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