Taking A Break

Hello, We have several posts ready to publish. However, the software we use to upload, Windows Write, is broken. The folks who have taken over the software say it will be fixed. They have not set a date to have it done. I am hoping soon. Meanwhile, we will take break. You have other things to do now anyway. We will be keeping our backsides warm. You do the same.

This so Bacall. She would not go for the duct tape and does not have the boots, but otherwise this how she would like to spend the morning. She is such a pervert. And I love her.

See you in 2017 or maybe before.
Cheers B&B

Red Panty Day

Bacall declared yesterday as Red Panty Day. Getting into the Christmas mood, I suppose. This involved us both donning red panties and paddling each other with the ever stingy red paddle. The one she gave us on our first Christmas. I learned that she now has 8 pair of red panties and so with only one washing she says she is going to wear red through Christmas. My arm may get tired.

Anyway, I cooked pancakes, we showered and got ourselves ready. She wanted to go first, and wanted to knell on the couch and so we did. I gave her somewhere around 48 licks. I never count, but I did it in sets of six and 8 reps seems about right. 

She wanted to paddle me OTK, so l lay over one leg and she toasted me with 28 – her count. They were more brisk than she gave me, but that’s how we roll.

Mandarin Duck

Once in awhile, I see a human that looks almost as good as some other carbon based life form. Here a young blonde tries to compete with the plumage of a Mandarin Duck. I will let you choose which one you think wins the beauty contest. I will say I would sure like to chat up the blond. I think the shoe off is to appeal to those who fancy feet. The garter belt attracts my attention.

mandarin duck fmlap334

What Makes A Good Paddling For Me


There are several things that make a padding good for me. A frat or school paddle is a requirement. The paddler must be reasonably attractive and groomed and not wearing any sort of fetish wear or sporting tats and the licks must be well laid on. In this clip Lena performs her role with aplomb. She understands using both wrist action and body English to add force and sting. In the second part of the clip, she is standing and in better position to use her body to slam the paddle home with a snap. Most women don’t know how to hold or swing a paddle. It’s not a club. Tennis should be a prerequisite.

Cute panties too.

Fem Dom Day


leadership skills

It can start early in life.

fm You will report here to me every day at four p.m. for the rest of the term

She is telling him to report to her every day at 4pm until the end of the semester.

sleaze art

Or maybe she takes this bent

Fearsome Betty

Mother, Wife or Girl Friend that spoon is going redden your backside


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