Friday Was Play Day For Me!

Friday was play day for me!  Bogey took control; he told me Thursday exactly what was going to happen on Friday.  I love the anticipation of knowing I will get a spanking as it makes me think about it for 24 hours – very exciting.  Friday arrived and after breakfast and coffee, I was instructed to prepare myself for the paddling.  He gave me the choice of different panties to wear.  I picked the pair that we bought recently – I love the color and they are so smooth and soft, but on the down side, they are very thin – wrong choice.  I bent over the bed and he started applying the stingy paddle.  I counted how many pops I got and decided that was enough – wrong again!  He had me stand up and put a blindfold and handcuffs on me, then led me to the door where he clipped them to a hook.  I do like this a lot.  Next he started paddling me again.  I don’t think I counted this time as my mind was in a different place.

There is something special about having someone in control.  (For me, it has to be someone that I trust completely, but also know that I can escape if I need to for some reason.)  By this time I am now excited from the 24 hour anticipation and the stinging bottom. I gladly follow him to the bed.

 bacall 20151106 1

Bacall, the week before this, kneeling on the sofa 

Bogey writes: Normally I paddle Bacall with light to moderate licks over her panties until she is well warmed up, then she can take anything. Sometimes, I tell her I am going to make it burn right from the start and she will have to take it. Having to take it a real turn-on for her. Controlling herself to stay in position. I well understand the mental state.

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