I Was Over 45 Before I Was Paddled OTK.

That’s right. That position was not employed by my parental units and at school I was always bent over, holding my knees or across a desk. It happened by accident. The camper we had at the time had a huge bed that was raised because of the storage bin below it. There was enough room to sit up in the bed, but no more. Bacall was fond of the bed because she could put her feet on the ceiling when we made the two backed monster. One lazy afternoon, we were in the bed and somehow it was decided that I would lay across her lap and she would paddle me. Normally, in that camper, we would be at the other end of the rig and I would be bent over the couch. But, this time, over her legs seemed the thing to do. As I lay over her legs, I will never forget that she said she liked the position. I asked why and she because “It’s right there”. I did not understand what she meant, but in a few seconds she had my full attention. She was paddling me really fast with our red stinger paddle and she was not holding back. Within a few licks I was squirming and after a few more licks, I had learned why this position and small paddle or hairbrush was the most popular and effective way to spank. Holy Moly! I could not get away. She had me under control and she continued to spank and giggle. She could not have been more happy with herself.

I think was this trip, that she bought a Myrtle wood cheese board/paddle for herself. That proved a education for her as it proved to be most stingy paddle we owned. But, that’s another story.

4 thoughts on “I Was Over 45 Before I Was Paddled OTK.”

  1. 🙂 Love that story!! I was definitely an adult before I experienced the position. I remember once just being held in that position for some fondling in my twenties (before I had confessed my OTK spanking desires to my partner) and getting SOOO wet because I was imagining being spanked. 🙂

  2. My first adult spanking was at 26, dating an older woman around early 60's, she had one rule only, never come to the kitchen naked, no matter what. I tested that rule one Saturdya morning, only thing her best friend was there, I over slept and only realized she was there after entering the kitchen. The friend blocked my way out, the woman I was seeing calmly pulled a chair from the table and sat down, pointed to her lap and I went over her lap. She was not kidding, I was spanked soundly, I squirmed, kicked, pleaded, everything, she stopped and her friend handed her a hairbrush from her purse and boy did I cry, I was bawling when she finished and I had to stand not facing the corner, but in the corner while the two talked.

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