Bacall Bends Me Over Again

I wish either of us could write spanking accounts like Ronnie. We like her style. This one will be my usual bare bones non-titillating accounts. It seems every time I write about them they get shorter.

Bacall gave me a satisfying paddling the other day. They are all gratifying and welcome, but she mixed this one up a bit and made it memorable. First, she picked panties for me to wear before the paddling. Panties and paddles have always gone together for us. This time they were maroon colored. The material over the cheeks is see thru and the center part has a bit of Lycra that defines the cheeks. She likes the look on me.

After making me wait for an hour or so, she told me it was time. It took place in three rooms with three implements. She started in the bedroom with the batten on my thighs. Damn it stings. Damn I love it. Then she took me to the office and had me bend over the desk, gave me four licks, then she pulled my panties down and gave me another 6 full force with the principals paddle. Youch! Next it was into the dining room where she had me bend over a chair and gave me another 10 with our ever stingy red paddle. My bottom was bright red and I was well heated if know what I mean. And I am sure that you do.

Friday Was Play Day For Me!

Friday was play day for me!  Bogey took control; he told me Thursday exactly what was going to happen on Friday.  I love the anticipation of knowing I will get a spanking as it makes me think about it for 24 hours – very exciting.  Friday arrived and after breakfast and coffee, I was instructed to prepare myself for the paddling.  He gave me the choice of different panties to wear.  I picked the pair that we bought recently – I love the color and they are so smooth and soft, but on the down side, they are very thin – wrong choice.  I bent over the bed and he started applying the stingy paddle.  I counted how many pops I got and decided that was enough – wrong again!  He had me stand up and put a blindfold and handcuffs on me, then led me to the door where he clipped them to a hook.  I do like this a lot.  Next he started paddling me again.  I don’t think I counted this time as my mind was in a different place.

There is something special about having someone in control.  (For me, it has to be someone that I trust completely, but also know that I can escape if I need to for some reason.)  By this time I am now excited from the 24 hour anticipation and the stinging bottom. I gladly follow him to the bed.

 bacall 20151106 1

Bacall, the week before this, kneeling on the sofa 

Bogey writes: Normally I paddle Bacall with light to moderate licks over her panties until she is well warmed up, then she can take anything. Sometimes, I tell her I am going to make it burn right from the start and she will have to take it. Having to take it a real turn-on for her. Controlling herself to stay in position. I well understand the mental state.

I Was Over 45 Before I Was Paddled OTK.

That’s right. That position was not employed by my parental units and at school I was always bent over, holding my knees or across a desk. It happened by accident. The camper we had at the time had a huge bed that was raised because of the storage bin below it. There was enough room to sit up in the bed, but no more. Bacall was fond of the bed because she could put her feet on the ceiling when we made the two backed monster. One lazy afternoon, we were in the bed and somehow it was decided that I would lay across her lap and she would paddle me. Normally, in that camper, we would be at the other end of the rig and I would be bent over the couch. But, this time, over her legs seemed the thing to do. As I lay over her legs, I will never forget that she said she liked the position. I asked why and she because “It’s right there”. I did not understand what she meant, but in a few seconds she had my full attention. She was paddling me really fast with our red stinger paddle and she was not holding back. Within a few licks I was squirming and after a few more licks, I had learned why this position and small paddle or hairbrush was the most popular and effective way to spank. Holy Moly! I could not get away. She had me under control and she continued to spank and giggle. She could not have been more happy with herself.

I think was this trip, that she bought a Myrtle wood cheese board/paddle for herself. That proved a education for her as it proved to be most stingy paddle we owned. But, that’s another story.

LOL – Thursday, November 12

The ABA has designated the first Friday in November as Love Your Lawyer Day. So I guess it’s OK to have the second Thursday as Love Our Lurkers.  Or maybe not. Some lawyers are questioning the wisdom of their peers making such a direct appeal for affection. “I think it’s ridiculous. I haven’t seen ‘Love Your Doctor Day’ or ‘Love Your Accountant Day’ or ‘Love Your Spanker Day’.

Should readers feel the urge to comment here on ANY OTHER day, we would welcome it. We will truly love you for it. But today, feel free to lurk.

I assure you that I will not be commenting on the blogs that I read today, just to be commenting. I only comment when I think a post is well done, original, titillating, etc.

I admit I really miss the folks who made regular comments here 1o years back. I guess we bored them and they moved on.

So comment or not – Chive On.


z red panda

   Typical OBB Lurker

Veterans Day

Veterans Day is Wednesday, November 11, and it’s a time to honor those who served in the U.S. armed forces and to honor the sacrifices they have made.

Many businesses take the opportunity to show their appreciation by offering veterans free and discounted meals, goods and services on Veterans Day. I am not sure how I feel about that. A bit too much commercial?

I am Vietnam Vet. Two tours. On the first, I was safe. The second, I was not. When I got out  I did not admit to having served for fear of being ostracized. I had beer cans and insults hurled at me on a California freeway just because I was driving in uniform.

At this distance, I no longer fear anyone knowing I served. The times have changed. In the company of a friend who also served, we have had lunch out and I wore a cap with my service ribbons and unit insignia on it.

Here’s to all of that served. There is a bond no matter the branch of service.

School Uniforms – Dressing For The Role – II

I usually upload posts for the coming week on Saturday. It’s now Thursday and this is the first time that OBB has crossed my mind. Sorry about that. Fortunately, I had this series post already in the can. If you happen to like to see adult women in short skirts, this post will interest you. I have always liked the attitude displayed by the the lasses in last two pictures.

None of the girls in the schools I attended wore outfits like these. Damnit. School uniforms worn by adult women seems almost universal. Bless them. How many of these skirts are sold each year?

 schoolgirl031 schoolgirl035 schoolgirl037 schoolgirl040

Yeah I expect to be spanked and I will be grading you


Bacall loves to wear the frilly socks