Rarer Than Once In A Blue Moon

We don’t do punishment spankings, but once in a decade. A decade has passed. Bacall hates to exercise. The doctor released her from PT with instructions to continue the exercises at home. As usual, she ignored that. Since her mobility affects my life, I decided she needed some assistance with her exercises. Ronnie has recently posted this picture.

Belt and note on bed

That gave me the idea of getting out my heavy black leather belt, writing the note and leaving both on her dresser. That of course puts the excuse/alibi machine into high gear. I ignored it and strapped her bottom well into the strenuous objection zone. I told her if she does not keep up with the exercises the next session will be the black paddle.


A few mornings later I woke up really needing a paddling. I donned a pair of hot pink panties and a tshirt and walked into where Bacall was sitting. She said nothing. Then awhile later she said that since I had on panties, I must need a paddling. I agreed and she put the wood to me with vigor. A great way to start the day.

5 thoughts on “Rarer Than Once In A Blue Moon”

  1. I am very pleased that you give Bacall once in a while a punishment spanking Bogey. Yes, in order to keep her fit, I am sure she deserved it.

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