Big Ums

I am old enough to have watched and thoroughly enjoyed Married With Children. Al Bundy dispensed sophomore humor every week. He gave us the term Big Ums which referred to what he liked to see at the titty bar.


Al Bundy

Al with his slutty daughter Kelly, who all the men wanted to know in a biblical way.


Wait this is a spanking blog. The question of the week is do men think they will get a better spanking from a woman with Big Ums? I have always been attracted to small to moderate sized mammary glands. And the spanking I have gotten from them were quite suitable for me.

But are those with Big Ums better paddlers?

fm201 fm218





Another WTF

I enjoy posting these kind of pictures. Perhaps it makes me feel smug.

The first one is spanking related. Evidently taken during a cheesy spanking video. I get the scouting uniforms, even if that is not my thing. It’s the spanker. Pink hair! Hose are not worn with such a uniform. Nor are air force insignia. The spankee does have rather cute cheeks.


Moving along and out of spanking we come this one. I guess she is pegging him, but WTF is with the rain boots.


Enjoy the weekend. We plan to.

Dedicated To The Number Four

First, An Announcement

OBB started out being published occasionally, then five days weeks, three days a week and for the last year or so twice a week. A lot of the time, we had nothing we really wanted to say, so picture posts were made. We are going back to publishing occasionally. Nothing has changed here, except we find ourselves very busy the last month or so. The spankings continue, but we have run of ways and words the describe them in a fresh manner. If only we had Ronnie’s talent.



Today, we continue our foolishness of showing an exact number of spankable bottoms.

bottoms 4 at bar

It seems these little darlings have party on their minds

bottoms 4 at pool


bottoms 4 in kit

This is what’s cooking

bottoms 4 on couch

This one has been around and is one of my favs

bottoms 4 on rock

If you know much about Texas, you know where this was taken

bottoms 4

How would you caption this one?

bottoms 4up

Rarer Than Once In A Blue Moon

We don’t do punishment spankings, but once in a decade. A decade has passed. Bacall hates to exercise. The doctor released her from PT with instructions to continue the exercises at home. As usual, she ignored that. Since her mobility affects my life, I decided she needed some assistance with her exercises. Ronnie has recently posted this picture.

Belt and note on bed

That gave me the idea of getting out my heavy black leather belt, writing the note and leaving both on her dresser. That of course puts the excuse/alibi machine into high gear. I ignored it and strapped her bottom well into the strenuous objection zone. I told her if she does not keep up with the exercises the next session will be the black paddle.


A few mornings later I woke up really needing a paddling. I donned a pair of hot pink panties and a tshirt and walked into where Bacall was sitting. She said nothing. Then awhile later she said that since I had on panties, I must need a paddling. I agreed and she put the wood to me with vigor. A great way to start the day.

Femdom I Could Go For

This story is way different from anything we have posted before. It is copied from A Man In My Position. His wife forces him to fill the orifices of her maid while she canes him. Tough duty. Change the cane to a paddle and provide for a happy ending and I would go for this in a heartbeat.

Good. Now Elliot, as I have told you, you are to thrust when I tell you to begin and stop immediately when I tell you to stop. Begin with Mady’s mouth. And remember, you will be severely punished if you make any sort of a mess.”

It has been years since my cock has been anywhere near a girl’s mouth. Hannah has no interest in blow jobs of any sort. So it was delicious to stand in front of my pretty little maid and watch her, rather expertly I though, wrap her lips around my cock and, without a second’s hesitation take my whole, hard length into her mouth. As she did she cupped and then squeezed my testicles with a gentle but firm grip.

“Well that looks pretty Mady. Very nice.” said Hannah. “Now Elliot, let’s see that little cock get to work. Five good deep strokes and you’re done.”

I pushed into Mady’s mouth as far as I could and then withdrew until only the tip of my cock rested on her lips. And then in again. I felt the sting of the cane on my bottom.

“I don’t want you forgetting yourself my dear.” I heard Hannah say behind me. “You have more strokes to stay hard for.”

I thrust again and again the cane came down, not hard, but it stung. Mady seemed to be enjoying herself, looking up at me with her eyes wide open and a little saliva dribbling from the side of her full lips.

And then I heard Hannah say, “And five. Withdraw.”

I obeyed and stood with my cock glistening with Mady’s sweet saliva.

Mady, pull down your panties.” said Hannah.

“Yes Madam.” she reached behind and her panties pooled at her knees.

Hannah walked behind her and, with the tip of the cane, flipped Mady’s skirt up.

“Pussy first I think. Ten strokes.”

Doing what I was told was rarely such a pleasure. I knew from dressing her that Mady kept her pussy trimmed but always left a sweet quiff of fine hair to frame her cunt and catch its perfume. She had reached down her belly with one hand and was holding her glistening lips apart.

“Well get on with it.” said Hannah as I hesitated. It felt, I must admit, more than a little odd to even think about feeling another pussy on my cock. Especially with Hannah supervising.

“May I?” I asked.

I was greeted with a chorus of “Yes.” from Hannah and from Mady. I pushed in.

“All the way dear.” I heard Hannah say behind me and then I felt the sting of her cane again. “Hard as you can but don’t you dare come.”

Mady had shifted her hand and was thoroughly enjoying herself as I pushed into her to the rhythm of Hannah’s cane. It was marvelous and then…

“And ten…There you go my obedient boy. Do you want the last right now Mady?”

“Yes, please, quickly.” said Mady pushing out her bottom. “He’s just the right size.”

“Mady has lubricated her pretty rose dear so in you go. Gently at first. I will tell you when to thrust.” said Hannah.

I lined my slippery hard cock up with her puckered back door and began to slip in as gently as I could. I could feel the head of my cock pop through the tight little muscle of Mady’s sweet anus and I pushed a little more firmly. Mady moaned an pushed up to meet me. I could feel the heat of her well whipped bottom against my thighs.

“Now Darling, stroke hard. I think our little maid is very close to her edge.”

The cane came down harder than before and I buried myself to the hilt in Mady’s tight little hole. And then out so that my head was clasped by her ring and then in again when I felt Hannah’s cane urging me on. Three strokes and I felt the pulsing contractions of Mady’s orgasm. Hannah could hear her gentle cries and said, “one more and you are done.”

I was right on edge and slipping out of my tight little maid nearly tipped me over. But I didn’t disgrace myself and was rewarded by a lovely, deep kiss from my dear wife.

“What a good husband you are.” she said. “Now, go and clean up and then go to your corner in our room. Mady and I will join you in a little while.