A Case Of Submission

Another from the vault by DME

She never could decide about submission. When he told her not to think, to just get up from the chair, it was the permission she needed to leave behind her thoughts and follow her heart.  Hands on the wall, just the thought of obeying him made her tremble. His hand on her nipple, squeezing insistently while he punished her bottom, kept her in position. Balanced between the two pains. His hand between her legs made her hang between pleasure and pain. She didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of either.

The next morning, she was thrilled when he insisted that the games continue. She had wanted to give him a graceful way out in case it was not what he wanted. Now she knew the night before was so easy because he was waiting for today. Hands and knees on the bed, she couldn’t stop shaking. From pleasure, anticipation, and fear. An odd mix. Only a sub could understand the addictive blending of emotions. The red paddle before her stood for so much. His authority, his certainty of severe punishment for disobedience, his decision that she would submit. She feared it, but it consoled her with his dependability as well. She knew him well enough that there was no need to test the limits. Security. Strength. What she wanted.

His touch aroused her. Even the strokes of the cane. But when he slid his fingers to her most private place, she knew he would not be satisfied until she was penetrated. She leaned forward to escape the pressure, but his soft menacing voice forced her to accept. Intense sensations swirled through her. This was a point of no return. No return to many things. A beginning of different relationship.

The humiliating position she had to assume almost forced her to tears. But more than just the position, it was the slipping away of her control. Over everything. Nothing frightened her more than a loss of control. Nothing. As he used her and probed her, the tension built until she could hardly stand it. Falling forward she escaped for a moment. Now he had her on her back, legs spread, completely at his mercy.  When he commanded she touch herself,  a moment came that she had often fantasized. Now he added sensation upon sensation. Hand inside her, pressure on the plug, teeth to her nipples. It was too much. Her body betrayed her and ripples of uncontrollable reaction told him he was breaking down her resistance.  Her fear was swept aside. He confirmed that she was his, he could do whatever he wanted with her, and she knew it was true.


z mice

There are many things beside quantum mechanics that I do not understand. Here are two of them.

wtf - jap sailor outfit wtf asian6

Some spanking blogs have a strong fascination with Asian women, many of whom are photographed in sailor outfits. What’s with that?

x What_The_Fuck_Is_This_Shit

On some Tumblr blogs along with spanking pictures I see pictures like this one. What the F**k is this about!

wtf dick tumblr_n1krdgU7pA1ra163eo10_r1_400

Some men like to do really strange things with their equipment. She can not contain her giggles.



Some say that they need “punishment” to correct their misbehavior. If spanking “corrects” the behavior it’s because they were deliberately misbehaving. So it’s not punishment, it’s blackmail. Unless they get the spanking they want they will keep misbehaving.

One Of My First

One of the first spanking pictures I saw was this one. I suspect a lot of folks my age have a special affection for it. It is always on the Tumblr sites.

hairbrush_2 The short plaid skirt, white panties, knee socks and Mary Jane’s defined a proper spanking outfit. Those skirts are selling 50 years later. I have had the pleasure of spanking a few women who dressed like this. It was their choice to wear. Did they see this picture and take their fashion tip from it or what?

This era of Nu-West lives on in pictures like the one above. To me, it’s like concept cars or a 55 Corvette, extremely popular, but sadly abandoned. The current ones just do turn my crank.


punishment stool

And after a hair brushing, did you always have to sit on a hard stool by the cat door?

Blue Footed Boobies

z blue footed booby

The sweet moment of no return when the underwear is pulled down and off. What she will find inside will not be a surprise.

that moment

I like the newer action gifs. She is shown giving only one lick – looped again and again, but she puts a lot into it. I would not be able to stay in position for licks coming this quickly. But do like a hard paddling. Hopefully some HD quality gifs will make an appearance. This one looks to be from Nu-West. They were never much into set design.


PS, Bacall did this to me yesterday.

Helen and Paddles

Written by a cyber friend who shares my interest in school paddlings.

My mother indeed served as an assistant principal for a few years in the late Seventies, the first woman to do so in her district. However, that was a neighboring district to where my sister and I attended school so thankfully she was never our teacher, and only served as an administrator a bit later in any case. We had the “if you get paddled at school, you will get paddled at home” rule but only had to deal with her on one side of the equation – the idea of having to take a paddling from her also at school would have been too embarrassing to contemplate, honestly.

As for the school supply store, I remember that place well – it was a sort of warehouse-sized building just outside of Pittsburgh that teachers from several districts all over two counties frequented. In those days, and we are talking about the Fifties and Sixties really, there weren’t more specialized shops for that kind of thing, just one-stop shopping at this giant barn of a place, including a rather nondescript table of identical white oak school paddles. The one we had at home came from there, and without too much exaggeration, it probably proved a fairly cost-effective sort of purchase, as it got used with a certain regularity for years. Today neither my sister or I will say a bad word about that paddle and its place in our upbringing, but of course at the time we absolutely hated it. Of course today I would be very happy to have it for other selfish reasons, but it served its purpose.

At my high school the usual tariff on misbehavior was five whacks, either first thing in the morning in the principal’s office (both boys and girls) or out in the hallway grabbing your ankles (generally just the boys). The big exceptions were gym class and (apparently) shop class, where different concerns about safety, organization and just plain imposing any kind of order on a bunch of unruly and ornery teenagers meant that the teachers tended to take matters into their own hands more. I had the same woman for gym class all three years and she took the paddle to several gals in each one of them. Unfortunately, I was one of them. That was actually the only paddling I got in high school, although I had a few in the earlier grades. Back then that was common, practically everyone got it at some point or other, and you kind of just took it for granted. However, not everybody had the same kind of school paddle sitting on a bookshelf in the living room!


In my day it was also chinos or dress slacks for the guys, and skirts of dresses for the young ladies, no jeans allowed until my junior year.

As to taking licks of the same intensity now on bare skin, I would say the same – it is amazing how much I actually relish a good sting now, or the way the paddle builds up the heat back there like nobody’s business. Go figure.



I quite like certain aspects of wooden paddles – they do have certain unique qualities. In some ways there really is nothing else in the world like bending over, lowering your jeans and biting your lip knowing that in about thirty seconds someone is going to apply a custom-made polished wooden board to your fanny with enough force to bring about a sharp intake of breath, an incredible burning sting and an acute blushing of the affected area. And then realizing that you’re now going to repeat that step several times in succession. That is as awe-inspiring to me as an adult looking for kicks as it was a teenager getting my attitude adjustment. It just plain works.

Cheap Thrills

Bacall needed some new everyday panties. I suggested she buy something better than normal everyday. She found some at Costco and surprise some really nice ones at Walmart. They are so light, you can barely tell you have them on. How to do know? We both tried them on when we got home. Gauzy like, very soft, it felt so good to rub myself in them. How naughty of me. She  declared the next day as paddling day, so after breakie, we showered and donned the new panties. I choose yellow and she went for coral. I was rigid, before I even got them pulled up. 


I was first on the paddling card and we went in the living room in our new panties and sat on the sofa. She gave me a thigh fry on the front of my legs with the batten. Next I was bent over a chair for 14 with the black paddle. [Her hand is still healing from surgery or she would have given me more]

Then it was her turn and she got on knees facing the back of the sofa. I used her favorite holey paddle about 20 times over her panties. [I never count] I then pulled her panties down and put the Teacher’s paddle to her. She was feeling bullet proof, so I upped the intensity twice, but she could have taken even harder licks. Some days, she is sensitive, other times it’s the other way.

We concluded with the usual bedroom activities.

There are at least a dozen more panties to try out.  Something to look forward to.

Every day over the next week, she got pops on her new panties to get her day started off right.

Yesterday, she decided she wanted to paddle me and had me select a pair of panties to wear. I choose yellow again. We sat and read in our undies. Ever so often she would ask me if I was thinking about the paddling I was going to get. Of course I was. After awhile, I was bent over the bed and she was putting the wood to me. I normally like to be paddled bare bottom, but I asked to keep the panties on this time. So she gave me a dozen or so with the black paddle and then pulled them down and finished me off with the ever stingy teacher’s paddle. I was bright red as usual. Yummy.

Just cheap thrills for us.