The Object Of My Fascination

Another dreary post about delectable, spankable bottoms. Perhaps there is one you want to spank.bottom5321For those in climes looking forward to going to the beach

bottom5555Heidi in AZ

campingBacall loves to be bound in the woods, but the bark looks a bit rough on this tree



short plaid skirt999

4 thoughts on “The Object Of My Fascination”

  1. Regarding photo #3 — If Bacall finds the bark worse than the bite, then methinks you aren't switching her hard enough! Fun photos. Gretchen

  2. @Gretchen, we don't do switches. We had enough of them in real life as kids to last us a life time. The right kind of trees are difficult to find. You need smooth bark and low under-growth. Central Oregon is ideal.

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