Informational Panties

About 87 years ago at a spanking party I encountered a woman wrote messages on masking tape and fixed them to her panties for the spankers to see. I can not recall a single message, I only saw two, but they were humorous. I think women are more fun than men in things like this. Anywho, here are some panties with printed messages on them. Bacall says they are informational. I suppose you can make your own with transfer material.

Collect the whole set

lingerie panties infomational01 lingerie panties infomational02 lingerie panties infomational03 lingerie panties infomational04 lingerie panties infomational05 lingerie panties infomational06 lingerie panties infomational07 lingerie panties infomational08 lingerie panties infomational09 lingerie panties infomational10 lingerie panties infomational11 lingerie panties infomational12 lingerie panties infomational13

4 thoughts on “Informational Panties”

  1. How about blush color panties with see-through lettering, which reads: “If you can read this, I'm not sorry enough.”

  2. Love informational panties! The fun of them all is great.
    Got to say, my favorites by far are the 2nd and 4th ones, “I Deserve It” and “Spank me! Its the only way I'll learn.” That is the reinforcement messaging I need.

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