Some years back a Texas gal’s pictures started appearing on the web. Just as suddenly, they stopped. I collected a few. Here’s to Amanda.

amanda1 amanda2 amanda3 Bacall is one to do this

amanda4 amanda5 amanda6See the woman on the left


I think it’s the same woman spanking Amanda

amanda8 amanda9cane043

6 thoughts on “Amanda”

  1. I remember her! One of my first spanking “finds” online.
    Wish she could have shown her face though, but it seems from what I remember she never did.

    The name of her website is on the first image, but to blurry to make out. Any other pictures where the name might be clearer?

  2. Amanda is a sweetheart. I had the pleasure of sharing emails with her for a while before she stopped posting things due to life getting in the way. But oh how pretty these pictures were. I should have saved all mine. And she was from New Mexico.

  3. I knew her well via e-mail and messenger. Sent her two or three pairs of pyjamas which she used and sent me pics back (alas long gone). She had a bad accident horse riding and left

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