WFT – Humor

z eyes9

Regular readers, maybe a bakers dozen souls, know we prefer wood paddles. This is a versatile paddle. It’s small enough to carry in a pocket while hiking with your fav bottom or cruise around at parties, but serious enough to get warm up most any bottom. The drawing is interesting. But, why is a gal holding a whip depicted on a paddle?

toys paddle gal w whip

This looks it would be a fun game to play, especially if all the players were switches.


If these women were younger, it could be college dorm hi-jinks. But, they are bit older, so I really wonder what they could be up to. Don’t you?

what is going on

3 thoughts on “WFT – Humor”

  1. You made me laugh about the picture on the paddles; probably most wouldn't have even made the connection.
    Last picture – perhaps some college admissions office hi-jinks 😉


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