Begging For It Inch-By-Inch

One from the vault by me

A trip down memory lane to some most gratifying
memories. Memories from the days when there was no concern about
sudden deflation – when the in-and-out portion of a session could last. It also brings to mind the juxtaposition of pain and pleasure. While I appreciate that some can morph pain into pleasure, I
relish in the power exchange where the woman submits her mind and body
to me for my pleasure. She offers her ass to me, and I relish when she
recoils from the stroke, puts her nails through the bedspread, but
stays in position for the next stroke of the paddle. I enjoy teasing
her. Her enjoinder, “Rub my pussy”, “Sure right after you take another lick”. I enjoy
rubbing her, getting her close to orgasm and pulling my tongue or
fingers away “No you are not going to come yet”. I enjoy repeating
that as she grabs my cock and begs “Fuck me now”. I mount her and rub
my cock back and forth over her pussy, pulling back when she thrusts
her hips to avoid penetration. The more I tease, the harder I get.
It gets so engorged with blood, it turns purple and the skin is
stretched as smooth as a balloon about to burst. Finally, letting the
head go in and slowly moving it in and out. Sometimes purposely
pulling it out and enjoying her gasp and grab for it. Tease, again and
again. When she again begs to be fucked, and has her back arched just
right, suddenly ramming it all the way in, hearing her moan, holding
her so she can not move, pressing down firmly on her, then slowly
moving my hips in a circle while maintaining pressure on her, knowing
the pressure is right on her clit and also preventing her from
thrusting. When I feel the torture is complete, finish her off with
long fast strokes. Ah, those were the days.

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