Is there anything your partner says or does that gives you a little twinge of regret or a smidgen of fear?

Is there a look or a word that your partner gives you that makes you “straighten up” or puts you on notice that you will be spanked soon?

Even knowing they will come off at some point, do you like to be spanked in panties?

What’s more sexy to you, nudity or sexy lingerie?

You are at cocktail party at a casual friends home. Some one you have met before but don’t really know, suggests you would benefit from a spanking and invites you upstairs. Are you tempted? Would you go?

OK, your turn to provide answers for the other readers. 

4 thoughts on “Questions”

  1. My wife a few years older than myself, (just enjoy older women) during our dating would have a certain look, she would say there are times a spanking would do you good. It was just before our marriage that look got more defined and visiting a lady friend of her, she said something to her friend and the next thing she took me to a bedroom, closed the door and said sternly that I was going to be spanked and sure enough I was, the friend could hear me for sure and worse of all I was taken back to the front room in my underpants and told to face the wall. I was crying and the lady friend said it was about time that I was spanked. My wife to be then pulled my underpants down and the friend said very nice. Since then when I see that look, no matter where we are, I just hope that means once we get home, mostly it does, and at home I quickly drop my pants and underpants and say nothing. Our marriage is great, I accept the spankings, her best friend did give her a nice hairbrush after that spanking and that speaks volumes.

  2. Can't describe the look P gives me but I know it only too well – it tells me to behave or else.

    I prefer my spanking starting with knickers and then have them taken down.

    P much prefers sexy lingerie than nudity (well on me anyway:))

    No, not tempted at all to go with someone else to be spanked.


  3. Once I get the look I know that it's a cease and desist order.
    Yes i like wearing panties, don't ask me why.
    I like to have my pants on for a spanking, hairbrush or paddle and then have them ever so slowly pulled down for the cane.
    I would have jumped at the chance of a cocktail party spanking pre-marriage, but it would be too risky nowadays; although I can immediately think who I would like to be the spanker out of our circle of friends.
    Excuse me whilst I retire with that thought in mind.

  4. Interesting set of questions and I enjoyed the answers so far. Here goes for me:

    1. No
    2. As stated by others, women seem to have a natural ability to issue a threat through 'The Look'. I remember Tim Allen's show and they devoted an entire episode to 'The Look'. It said it all. And Cora has no lack of imposing her will over me through 'The Look'. I love it!
    3. I have only recently been considering wearing panties 24/7 (well perhaps 18/7 as I like to sleep with nothing on). Turns out Cora has discovered that she spanks and paddles much harder when I'm in panties. Even when she pulls my panties down. Again, I love it.
    4. Love lingerie, especially girdles, stockings and such.
    5. I'd go in an instant. And I know that she would first ask permission and I'm confident that Cora would grant it. Its been done before.

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