Lap Dancing

Women can lap dance at spanking parties all they like. The same is not true for men, since they are not enough female tops to satisfy the demand. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a choice of female spankers?  

Spanking is legal. The only ones ashamed of it are the ones wanting to be spanked. I think I should open a spanking business in the larger shopping districts. I need a catchy name. Spanks R Us would be a little dated. Inside we would have women seated, of course, holding the implement of their specialty.


Bath Brush


Paddle (always my preference)






Licking Stick




Leather Sandal




Firm Palm

Admission will be on a one price Day Pass and you can sample all the laps you want.

Oh, and it will be open to females as well.

4 thoughts on “Lap Dancing”

  1. Spankbucks is fine as long as you don't sell coffee. In fact it sounds like a pay per video website.

    iSpank sounds great, but more for a solo operation.
    Lowercase 'i' might triger a lawsuit.

    Same reason why my idea for a brand of vacuums called iSuck got shot down.

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