A Happy Gal

This looks like a Nu-West audition. The women looks positively exuberant about her upcoming, perhaps first spanking.

I want it 1 I want it 2 I want it 3

I sure hope she got what she wanted. I sure wish I had been the spanker.

Here is another happy gal on Valentine’s morning. This time I was the spanker.

bacall 02 2015 a

4 thoughts on “A Happy Gal”

  1. Yes, definitely enjoying it a bit too much 😉 Maybe a hairbrush to bare botty needed for a naughty girl ?

    Lovely smacked Nu-West bum.

    Two lovely smacked bums ! Brenda x

  2. We used to own this video. Randy bought it because he thought the woman looks a lot like me (and she does). It also features the sort of spanking we enjoy.


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