Is there anything your partner says or does that gives you a little twinge of regret or a smidgen of fear?

Is there a look or a word that your partner gives you that makes you “straighten up” or puts you on notice that you will be spanked soon?

Even knowing they will come off at some point, do you like to be spanked in panties?

What’s more sexy to you, nudity or sexy lingerie?

You are at cocktail party at a casual friends home. Some one you have met before but don’t really know, suggests you would benefit from a spanking and invites you upstairs. Are you tempted? Would you go?

OK, your turn to provide answers for the other readers. 

Lap Dancing

Women can lap dance at spanking parties all they like. The same is not true for men, since they are not enough female tops to satisfy the demand. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a choice of female spankers?  

Spanking is legal. The only ones ashamed of it are the ones wanting to be spanked. I think I should open a spanking business in the larger shopping districts. I need a catchy name. Spanks R Us would be a little dated. Inside we would have women seated, of course, holding the implement of their specialty.


Bath Brush


Paddle (always my preference)






Licking Stick




Leather Sandal




Firm Palm

Admission will be on a one price Day Pass and you can sample all the laps you want.

Oh, and it will be open to females as well.

Retro Lingerie

Being an old man, I rather like some of the older style lingerie.


This would be entirely acceptable to me for her to wear to give or take a paddling.

lingerie bullet bra99

There was a girl in my seventh grade Math class, who was one of the first in our class to develop. She wore bullet bras and fuzzy white sweaters and sat across from me. I failed Math.

lingerie girdle222

And I always love to spank a girdled bottom

Sex Announcement

Reading some spanking blogs, I have learned that some men forgo sex completely or partially in order to led a true FLR. I offer this report for them.

Regular exercise like having sex and dancing are ‘miracle cures staring us in the face’, leading doctors have said.

Some of the country’s top medical professionals at the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges examined existing evidence into the benefits of exercise as part of a new review for the NHS.

And doctors concluded that 30 minutes of exercise – including sex, walking and dancing – performed five times per week would dramatically lower our risk of contracting cancer, dementia, heart disease and diabetes.

The risk of getting heart disease would be slashed by up to 40 percent, stroke and dementia by 30 percent and breast cancer by 25 percent, the report found. Bowel cancer rates would be cut by nearly half.

The report said that getting Britons to exercise for just 2.5 hours total per week could save the NHS billions each year.

Male Paddling Fantasies

Men’s spanking fantasies seem to be  lot different than women’s. Here are two that are popular.

F/MF Fantasy

I saw this on a message board: My current biggest fantasy is to be spanked with my wife by a woman. Since my wife and I switch, we spank each other. I would like to know what it would be like to be bent over a table beside my wife. To be spanked with her. Listening to the smacks on her bum and knowing mine is next.

two over

I really hope they can find a willing spanker. We have had the pleasure of the company of a female switch on many occasions where everyone spanked everyone. Red bottoms all around. But, I don’t recall Bacall and I bent over the same time. I would like that. I think I would like it if she went back and forth giving each of us a few licks and then switching to the other one. I would want to hold hands with Bacall. I know she would get into competitive mode trying to accept her licks.

FF/M Fantasy


If one woman giving a man paddle pops is good, then two women is even better. In this fantasy, the wife invites her best friend, a neighbor, her sister, etc. over to help her paddle her husband. [Hey why not all three?] I have to tell you from personal experience, this can be a lot of fun for all. [See first fantasy] In the spanking stories, the man is humiliated by the presence of the second woman. That is lost of me, the more the merrier as far as I am concerned.

My Long Time Personal Favorite Fantasy

We would live in a neighborhood of couples who switch. One could be sent to fetch a implement and bring it home for use. Anyone that looked out their window could see who was carrying what to where. Or one could be sent for a paddling at a neighbors home. Most Saturday mornings, both men and women would be seen walking in their panties to a neighbors for a bottom warming. That’s all. Not very kinky is it?


Personal note: When I was going to be spanked as a kid, fear set in as soon as the sentence was pronounced. The longer the interval, the more time it worked on me. I would like to be able to have a little of that again. But, it’s all long gone. Likewise, the few times I was paddled by a woman with another female teacher as a witness, it doubled the humiliation. It would be nice to be able to have a little of that feeling as an adult, but like fear, it is not a feeling any more.

It Ain’t Easy Being Me, But It’s Fun

two faces

I am not two faced. I am not Janus looking at the future and the past. I am a 50/50 switch.  My spanking interests are evenly divided between the desire to make a woman’s nates blush and having my own bottom toasted by a woman. I can not say I like one more than the other and I would not want to give up either for any reason.

Bacall and I are both alpha types, which can complicate things between us. We would both like the other to be a little more aggressive with the other when we play – SOMETIMES. We have gravitated toward playful spankings that require little or no dominance or submissiveness. Call it lackadaisical. We both get 90% of what we crave, but we are missing that little extra by not sometimes putting out a little extra to ensure the other is completely full-filled. I will take responsibility for this.

This came to mind after noting that the stories posted by DME, (The Devine Miss E), garner no comments and few readers. The last one was a bit edgy for this audience. I knew that. But, I think it is one of her best.  I know our readers are mostly seeking pictures and I purposely do not illustrate her stories as I want the reader to imagine the scene and the emotions in their own minds and not be influenced by a picture, especially one that is not close to the mark.

So what we have here is a blog by a switchy couple purposely biased toward F/M with an occasional a major dominate male mid-fuck story. I think the word incongruent would be a accurate description.

Yet that is exactly how it is in my mind. Which direction am I facing at the time? Would I be the man in the last story? Well, yes, because I am dominate. I am a sadist. I love pushing a women’s buttons and bringing her deepest fantasies to life. I love it as much as her pushing me to take a hard paddling.

I love learning about her desires without her directly telling me and then playing it out with her. I love the deer in the headlights look in her eyes when she realizes that that yes, I will do that which she desperately wants, but has never dared mentioned. And that my dear readers is what I think DME captured in The Stranger.

The Stranger

Another from the vault written by DME

It had taken her many months to be able to give herself to HIM in this way,
and now he ordered her to do so for a complete stranger.      

She was feeling smug that she had weathered his best. She then heard
his voice. “She is known to derive some pleasure from punishment. I
want to be sure this is not the case now. Elise lay on your back and
raise your legs so that he may inspect you”. Before she could swallow
it, it came out “Like Hell I will”. Then it was silent for what seemed
to be a long period. Then his voice, very flatly, said. “Paddle her
until she complies. And don’t spare her legs one whit, front and
back.” Her arm was held, she was turned and the paddle was burning
first here and there. “OK, OK, all right, I give, please, please, no
more” He stopped and looked her in the eye. She hesitated, her lip
quivered, he waited, slowly she went to the bed, lay down, hesitated
and then in one motion went on her back, raised her legs high, spread
them and held her heels with her hands. the very picture of
compliance, but the smug look was back. He leaned over and parted her
lips. “She is quite wet sir”.

Then I suppose we need to cool her down. I think the Bardex will do
the trick. She moaned “No, no way, I will not accept THAT, that is too
much to ask of me. Please, no”.

“I will give you a choice. Do you wish the enema now or more of the
paddle and then the enema?”

She lay there in shock as she realized he was dead serious.

The Spanker

I have been exchanging notes with a woman whose Mom had some spanking rituals that were used on her and her two brothers. I have no experience with spanking home spanking rituals. I got the switch a few times when I was kid and the belt a few times as an adolescent. I did the crime, I paid the fine. It was always spontaneous.

Her Mom made what she referred to as “spankers” which she made by sewing leather over a piece of wood. She made a “spanker” for each of them which was hung on their closet doors.


Unfortunately I cannot send you a picture of my original “spanker,” because that little devil bit the dust  many decades ago.  Not sure what my mom did with it, but it didn’t make the move when she sold our house the year I graduated from college. 

The implement that we now refer to as my “spanker” is one W bought for me quite a number of years ago from the London Tanners.  It is pretty similar in shape, but not quite the same as the original, in that the business end of it is not an encased paint stirrer.  Nice thick leather and more or less same dimensions (possibly a little wider).  It looks uncannily like what my mom was crafting in a much more homely fashion back in the 1950s and early 60s.   

It’s the one they call “The Domestic Discipline Paddle,” but it’s more like a short strap for use OTK.  Very stingy

She tells me that her “spanker” was made before it was first used on her. However, I like my fantasy image of the Mother making the spanker by the fire in the TV room, with the cat snuggled up by the fire, the whole family watching TV as she watched in dread as it was sewed up.

When her Mom decided a spanking was in order she would be sent to retrieve the “spanker” and bring it to her. I have no experience with spanking items being the house. I try to imagine what it would be like to be sent to fetch the “spanker”. I am sure it would have given me a cold chill as a kid. Now it would not faze me in any way. That’s a little sad, actually.