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I missed the usual  Monday post this week. I had uploaded three weeks of posts before we left home. I thought that would be enough, but we spent an extra week in the desert. No phone, TV, very limited Internet. We have had some glorious sunsets and spent the days four-wheeling.


Good news. Bacall’s recovery from her fractured wrist last August is coming along nicely. The fracture exasperated two prior minor problems of arthritis and carpal tunnel. She has been wearing a brace for the former and that has relieved the pain greatly. She is going to get a device for the carpal tunnel.


I know she is improving as she paddled me with the Principal’s paddle last week. That’s a moderately heavy paddle that she could not lift three months ago. She was about 85% of her best effort with it. I am not at all sure more improvement is desired! She finished me off with the Teacher’s paddle. I can report that I felt well paddled when she was done. After five months, it was a welcome feeling. Bacall said one cheek had a white hot spot on it. She said she would make sure both cheeks had white spots the next time. And she did this morning.


The common use of these two paddles in tandem took place over a long period of time. The first one addresses the deep muscles, the ones that let you know you have been paddled when you sit down an hour or so later. The lighter paddle stings the skin – does it ever. It’s two paddling’s in one. In a male FF/M fantasy, first the Principal would use her paddle to give me a hot bottom for violating school rules in leaving school grounds. Then the Teacher would use hers to get me hopping on first one foot and then the other for the personal offence I gave her when I flipped her off. Aunt Bacall does an admiral job of combining the two roles. Bending over for the first paddle is not bad. It is always with some trepidation when I bend over for the second paddle. I suppose that is a good thing.

Consensual Spanking

Consensual: existing or made by mutual consent without an act of writing.

I guess consensual includes men who talk their wives into spanking them for bad behavior. And that my friends, is where most F/M blogs live. The men commit a real life offence and earn a spanking. I can understand convincing the woman that the marriage will improve if they are spanked for improprieties so they can get the spankings they want. But, I wonder is a spanking as punishment a requirement for most folks? I get that most want some reason for being spanked. I am going to pick on my favorite spanking blogger, Ronnie. She devises a reason for her husband to spank her, but it’s never for bad behavior. To illustrate, she commented on a Spanko Brunch that she was spanked by the Head Chef for not completing my commis chef duties. That reason works for them.

not consenualIs this you?

Around here, spankings are consensual, but they are not earned. They are desired. They happen because we want them to happen. Bacall, come here and pull your pants down I am going to paddle you.

just-time no reason

Or Bacall brings me a paddle and allows that a few pops would be welcome. Or she puts on spanking panties and making sure I see them. Or she might just tell me that she would be agreeable to walking to the woodshed. .

So I am saying our spankings are consensual, but never for bad behavior. This works for us. Would it work for you?

In most spanking stories and spanking video’s, the spanking takes place as punishment. So I come back to my question, do most spankees need a reason for the spanking? Or put another way, would you be just as happy getting a spanking just because? We would be most interested in your answer. Feel free to comment anonymously.