Wood Is Good

A tribute to wood paddles. We love em so.

paddle MOAB

This one has been on many Tumblr sites recently. It could be used two-handed.


This LtJg seems to be getting a little concerned.

toys paddles - the paddle 

Our desk – our paddle


A lady from down under samples her new paddle

paddled in hall

I remember these days. Bend over and grab your legs.

paddle moab3

                   HOLY MOLY

h1 h2

Paddles a cyber friend had made to her specifications. Love the handle on one at right.


Personal Notes:

We expected to be on the road, west bound, by now. Both of us getting a cold for Christmas and having to drive in the rain for several days made us delay our start.

We were really getting into the swing of things. Bacall was wearing red panties everyday so she could get licks with the Santa spoon. She even got a trip to the woodshed. And then the virus hit us.

Posts may be erratic the next few months. We are traveling without a $120 a month on ramp to the internet. The jump from $80 was just too much. Without instant access we can spend more time drinking coffee outside in the morning and more time for cocktails in the afternoon.

Somehow in the new year we will continue to post. We guarantee more strange sentence construction, missing words and such along with an occasional rant.

We appreciate the kind words many of you left about the blog in comments and in private notes.

We hope the new year will be better for all of us.

6 thoughts on “Wood Is Good”

  1. The sight of the paddle and the thought of the satisfying smack makes me tingle with anticipation. Strange, you have to respect and fear the paddle. And yet I'm drawn to it for reasons that are difficult to understand. Conversely, the cane does not intrigue me at all. But I'm ready and eager to bend over for the paddle, or to put the wood to her exposed and vulnerable bottom.

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