The First Time

A tale of a man getting his first adult paddling.

He had been eagerly waiting for this day, for a long time, yet he was
apprehensive about it. For years he had fantasized about being paddled
by a woman – to be made to submit to his own desires. He had long ago
given up wondering why the thought of being paddled so appealed to
him, why it was such a powerful sexual stimulant. He could see part of
his desire to spank woman as a power exchange. It dumfounded him that
he wanted to turn the tables. Yet the need was strong,

There had been little else on his mind for the weeks leading up to
this. He had tried his best to give her what she needed to fill her
role. Self doubts that he had failed to give her the right key
lingered in his mind. He was ever the perfectionist. It was difficult
for him to lower his standards or expectations. He told himself, it
would go fine, she was capable, had a fine mind and most important –
the desire. In many ways, they were alike.

He pulled in the driveway, got out and put the strap of his bag over
his shoulder and walked with a sense of purpose to door. He reflected
for a second on how many times this had happened when he was young the
many times he had been summoned to paddle punishment. How the
butterflies had broken formation in his stomach, how weak his knees
had felt when he had reported to be paddled. He had never wanted to be
paddled then. Why was it different now?

His knock on the door was quickly answered. She stood in the opening
looking him in the eye. “Why are you here”? “For you to paddle me”.
With a slight smile, she stood aside for him to enter.

“Did you bring the paddle like I asked you”?
“Yes, I did.”
“Well, let’s see it.”
He took the case off his shoulder, unzipped it, removed the paddle and
handed it to her.
“No, that’s YOUR end of the paddle. Give me my end, the end I am going
to hold.”
He quickly corrected his mistake.
She turned the paddle over in her hands examining it, slapping her
palm with it. She seemed pleased with it. She should be. It was
formidable, round to fit the bottom and 3/4 inch thick, more than
enough to sting him through and through.

“I think this will do quite nicely. I think your bottom is going to be
quite red in short order with this paddle. I don’t think I will need
to exert myself one bit with this paddle. It will get the job done
quite nicely”. She looked at him to see his reaction.

“Why don’t we get started? Take off your pants and shorts and lets
talk about the paddling I am going to give you”. He was surprised to
start so soon. He figured there would be some time until she paddled
him. His hands followed her instructions and he undid his belt and
removed his pants. “The shorts too”, she prompted. He pulled them down
revealing his already semi-rigid state. He felt 100% foolish. She held
his dick and looked him in the eyes, “I love it that you get excited
by a paddling. I am going to paddle and rub you. And if you take your
licks well, I will let you cum. Would you like that”? He managed a
weak “yes”. She worked her hand back and forth his shaft until it was
rigid. “You know I am going to paddle you hard don’t you? You know I
will make the licks really sting don’t you? You know I will enjoy
watching you recoil from the pain don’t you”?  “Yes, I

“Very well then let’s get started then”. She released his dick. “Bend
over and grab your knees”. He assumed the position and she stood
beside him. The first lick burned like fire and he sucked in his
breath. The second was the same. Somehow he managed to stay in
position until she had applied 10 licks. She pulled on his shoulder to
indicate that he should stand up. His rigid member was more relaxed,
so she started stroking him, teasing him. In no time, he was hard
again and she smiled ” I want you to take another 10 licks, will you
do that for me”?
“I will try.”
“Very well, bend over”
The second set somehow were harder than the first.
When he stood up, she again stroked him, making him hard. She
continued to rub him. He pulled close to her. He fondled her breasts,
he rubbed her ass, he kissed her – deeply as his breath was getting
short. When she had him close to cumming, she pulled back. “I am not
done with you yet. “Will you take more licks from me? Will you submit
to me”?
“Yes, if you want me to, I will take them. I will try to take them

She was enjoying toying with him. She owned him. He was so hot he was
about to explode.  She intended to keep pushing him until he melted.

4 thoughts on “The First Time”

  1. I love the way you play and tease your “toy” keeping him on the edge and willing to present his bottom over and over. Accepting the pain for a moment's pleasure. But then the spanking although hard is also pleasure.

  2. In this account, the disciplinarian is quite matter-of-fact. That in itself adds to the eroticism of the moment. Does she do this for him routinely? What is their relationship? The combination of pain and pleasure is deeply sought, capably delivered. This tale is deeply satisfying, yet makes me want to know more.

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