The World Of Lingerie

I always enjoy doing a post on lingerie as it’s so much a part of my spanking world.

lingerie panties99

My kind of gal – silently communicating. Knew a woman that would write messages on tape and when you pulled her skirt up to spank it was like fortune cookie.

spank me panty

Stop by our home for your complimentary Spank Me panty. Each pair comes with a dozen of my best. Stock up for the holidays.

subway_leopard 2

From No Pants Day. So why does this have to be just one day a year? I would like to meet some of these women, but I am not close to NYC. Cover up 364 days a year, but one day what the heck I am going to work in my panties.


Not a uncommon thing to see at a party. Women readily display at parties, but are much more modest at other public venues. Or are they? When we went to parties, everyone was well dressed, not like the slob on the right. Heck, no one would have worn a jeans skirt except for the drive home. Times have changed.


We will close with a picture of Julie of the UK. Love her hose.

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