We have participated in LOL seven times now. I was never sure why. Went along to get along I suppose. Do we love our lurkers? In a word no. We don’t dislike them either. Blogs are most fun when they are interactive. There are precious few spanking blogs that have any degree of being interactive. I think the DD blogs as a group get more of that.
I sure don’t make many comments. Bacall about never. She does not even have a kink ID. If I think the content on a blog is something unique, or it just hits me in a way that makes me want to comment, I do. Comments here are seldom acknowledged. You say you like what you read/saw, I appreciate it but I don’t feel the need to say thanks for thanking us. That’s like playing the Goodnight game at the front door.
If you find anything of interest here in our small niche blog – great. If you want to dialog we are always open to doing just that. Via comments or email. Our kink email is mybottomburns@gmail.com.
Have a great rest of the week. Bacall is over her illness and I feel better today.

12 thoughts on “On LOL”

  1. Hi Bogey & Bacall,
    I always enjoy visiting your blog, but can't easily explain why. It has something to do with what I perceive as your honest straight forward, no -BS type attitude. Similar to you, I will comment when something moves me; no set rhyme or reason to it.

    Always appreciate your comments over at my blog.


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