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  1. In this house only one person is spanked and that is me. To try and spank my wife would be opening the gates of hell. She is in charge and does the spanking. I don't disagree with you both loving being spanked I think it's wonderful. But I'm wondering how your friend ended up spanking both of you. Did you ask her to spank you? Did she know prior about your love of spanking and maybe asked if you both needed spanking?

  2. It's all about spanking for fun and stimulation, not discipline.If you both spanked your friend as well, that would be the best triple treat I could imagine since the banana split.

  3. Here we have a female led relationship Sue is in charge and always has been for nearly 40 years She has a good friend Kate who we had not seen for a few years as we moved 200 miles for work etc Kate and her husband John visited us recently Kate saw the house rules on the wall in the hallway and asked Sue about them as John and I unloaded the car and brought the bags in The following day Kate asked me about the house rules and I just avoided answering the question Later on Kate told John to go to their bedroom and wait for her I looked at Sue and she just smiled After about 20 minutes Kate went upstairs and soon it was clear that she was giving John a genuine good hiding ( I found out later with a large wooden clothe brush) Sue and I could hear the cries tears and sobbing from John It went on for ages Kate came back downstairs holding the brush a bit our of breath I was sent to make coffee etc WhenI returned with the drinks Sue told me to go to our bedroom and to stand in the corner It was so embarrassing I blushed red but did as she told me to. After about half an hour Kate arrived with the brush She gave me a really severe spanking as I cried and begged her to stop The marks lasted a good week or so

  4. That’s not how we define spanked together. We enjoyed being with another switchy couple and being spanked together by them while we held hands. And then we would return the favor.

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